It is a new year again and we, HRU, would like to share with you what we have set out for ourselves as our guiding principles towards achieving our Vision in the years to come and our hope for the nation from the perspective of Malaysian Treasure Hunts:

Making Treasure Hunting - The Home Sport Of Malaysia.

To Promote Treasure Hunting Through Innovations From Amongst The Best.

1. To showcase the best ideas from past hunts as tributes to the COCs who created or popularised them.
- clue styles
- format that are befitting the classic Treasure Hunts (only include mental challenges)
- intellectual variety
2. To encourage innovations that take the sport to new challenging levels.
3. To increase public interest in the game by
- increasing participation especially from youths and family units
- increasing frequency to make Treasure Hunting a regular weekend outing
- increasing eenthusiasm from all parties within and outside of the hunting community (e.g. media, corporates, government)
4. To develop the intellectual skills of individuals.
5. To develop the individuals' roles as team players and leaders.
6. To promote a tradition of continually creating new COCs (COCs are the main engines of the sport).
7. To encourage existing COCs to continually innovate for the sake of perpetuating and progressing the unique sport in the country.

It is our hope that everything that we do will in some way contribute progressively and constructively towards the Vision and achieving our mission and objectives.

We invite all Malaysian Treasure Hunt enthusiasts to join us in our adventures and to support the promotion and development of this sport.

We acknowledge that our mission may be ambitious but all great things begin with a dream!

This March 1, 2009 is a chance for you to do your part in making those baby steps towards making Treasure Hunts ala Malaysian style - the "Home Sport" of our beloved country!