Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Radian is defined as a unit of angular measurement equivalent to the angle between two radii that enclose a section of a circle’s circumference (arc) equal in length to the length of a radius.

The definition for the Radian (r') is easier to comprehend if you can recall the formulae for the circumference of a circle, C = 2Pr, where r is the radius of the circle. Since there is 360° in a full circle, and designating each radius length as one Radian, with a little manipulation,
r' = 360° / 2P
= (57° 17' 45")

Now let's look at one of two Math tests for the day.

Q24) Not quite 58° when it's not quite done.
Ans: Radiant

During a hunt these days, it is quite natural for one to Google something that one cannot immediately relate to. However, in this case when googling 58° or Not quite 58°, the search engine will likely return a blog post about a wonderful holiday someone had recently in very pleasant climate conditions.

In some cases, especially when the sector to cover is short, it may prove more rewarding to Google a highly suspect sign rather than what is given in the question (as in the above example). Scanning the sector quickly, one will come across this signage, Radiant, which sounds a lot like Radian, a math unit you may remember from your school years, making it highly suspicious. A quick Google of Radian will return, about 58° or 57° 17' 45" to be exact.

Now to fit it all in. Not quite done here was used as a deletion keyword and since "it" is clearly referring to the signage, one is expected to remove a letter or a couple of letters from its end. And so, removing "t" from Radiant will leave one with Radian, which is Not quite 58°.

Wonderful question, so short and beautifully sweet. And to top it, there was another signage in the same sector, Winter Time, that I'm sure played its part well as a decoy, trapping more than just a few.


Cornelius Koh said...

Beautiful question!

Claire said...

You can say it again! Uniquely intriguing...