Sunday, October 19, 2008


Treasure Hunts are not always serious business as these people had made it out to be. There are many amongst us who participate in treasure hunts merely to have a good time or to de-stress after a long week at work. And winning just any prize would have been a very satisfying accomplishment.

Indeed there is a lighter side to Treasure Hunts too.

The following is my personal account of a funny moment that happened during a municipal treasure hunt event held in Klang Valley back in 2006. More than 150 teams graced that event. Many were enticed by the attractive cash prizes on offer. The event was divided into many stages, and during one of the stages the tulips had led us to a remote location in Sg Buloh where the instructions were clear that we had to pick up a specific plant from an undisclosed nursery. The clues given had led us to the last nursery in a dead-end road and this was the conversation we had with Ah Pek, an old man who was manning the nursery.

Hunters R Us: Hello Uncle, which plant are we supposed to pick up from your nursery?
Ah Pek: No more, no more. All gone already!
Hunters R Us: Huh? But we were told ......
Ah Pek: Many, many people dressed like you, were here before you.
Hunters R Us: Ah! So we are not the first ones to arrive!
Ah Pek: Yeah, at least 200 people had dropped in earlier. When told that we had run out of that species, they began carting away our other plants!
Hunters R Us: Yeah, treasure hunters can be over enthusiastic sometimes.
Ah Pek: Only Ah Soh and me around. We were powerless to stop them!
Hunters R Us: Never mind lah Uncle. I am certain the organizers, MPXX, will surely compensate you lah. Just send them a bill lah!
Ah Pek: MPXX? But we were never contacted by anyone from MPXX. How should we bill them?
Hunters R Us: Never? Oops. Excuse us, Uncle! See you later!
(that was our cue to get the hell out of that nursery!)
Ah Pek: #@^&@! The next one that comes by and carts away my plants, I will smash them with this spade!

Note: The names of the municipal council and Ah Pek have been changed to avoid disclosing their identities.

I am sure some of you too may be able to recollect one or more funny experiences from a past treasure hunt event. Feel free to share your hilarious stories with us and allow us to laugh along with you.

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