Monday, December 15, 2008


KUALA LUMPUR 14 Dec 08: Talk about misleading advertisements! What had been touted as an exciting hunt for St Nick with challenges to test the hunters' knowledge of the man himself and Christmas in general, ended up being a rather ho hum affair instead.

For those like me, who jumped on the bandwagon anticipating a very exciting and thematic cryptic experience within Berjaya Times Square shopping complex, instead returned home extremely disappointed.

Perhaps Santa's helpers had plainly run out of ideas! Or maybe the event organizers had simply given these folks too little time to prepare for this event. Whatever the reason, their slipshod effort simply stuck out like a sore thumb.

Clearly they had forgotten all about poor Santa as there was not a single mention of the man in any of the day's tasks! Ouch!

The day's tasks brought no Christmas joy either! They comprised of mainly non-cryptic, boring ol' What & Where type questions that are to be found along six designated floors or within brochures, which are to be completed inside the allocated three hours.

No easy task, but just not my cup of kopi! Yawn!

The Winners of the Santa's Trail

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