Wednesday, January 7, 2009


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2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

When we decided to embark on this project, A Hunter's Tale, we had these 2 main objectives in mind (besides sharing our food trail).

1. To encourage innovations that will take treasure hunting to new challenging levels.
2. To develop the skills of the average hunter.

To support these objectives, we have been (since 30 Aug 2008):

1. Showcasing innovative ideas and out-of-the-box creativity from CoCs.
2. Organizing on-line hunts to help develop the skills of fellow hunters.
3. Sharing hunting tips and insights of this past time (A to Z of Treasure Hunting).
4. Answering questions from fellow hunters through our Hunting Hotline and on-site coaching.

Now fast forward to 2009, we have started a bolder project, The Hunters Challenge, with these further objectives in addition to the earlier 2.

1. To encourage public interest in the game.
2. To use The Hunters Challenge as a platform to express What Hunters Really Want.

Towards achieving these objectives, for a start, we will be introducing these "innovations" in the inaugural edition of The Hunters Challenge:

1. Injection of new ideas and styles by our team in the questions and/or treasures.
2. Giving teams without any Grand Slammers an extra hour to complete all tasks.
3. Inviting the Champions of this edtion to clerk the next edition of this event. While we will continue to hold the role of main organizers for any subsequent event, the Event-in-a-Nutshell will be left to the Champion Team.

In doing so, we will be opening our ears to all opinions and ideas in order to add on to our list of "What Hunters Really Want" for the future editions of this event. We dream one day that The Hunters Challenge will become a benchmark event for others to follow.

So, do join us on this exciting journey by submitting your entry early.