Sunday, March 1, 2009

From the Bottom of Our Hearts - My Family & I - To You!

Dearest Friends,

When I was told that the inaugural Hunters Challenge had instead of being a professional hunt had taken on a special theme dedicated to me - I was firstly disappointed - because I had always wanted it to stay on track with our Vision and Mission - but my team mates assured me that those will not be compromised and made me realise that there were true friends out there who sincerely meant well for me and wished to share their love with me.

At a time like this, I could not wish for anything more than caring love.

My team mates told me that the event is now dedicated to helping me get well soon. I therefore am very grateful to each and everyone involved with this event; all my friends, friends whom I have yet to know, corporate sponsors and friends of mine who did not take part in the Hunt itself but have kind thoughts for me - we, my family and I, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

I feel your collective desire to see me pull through this personal challenge triumphantly and I know that means more than anything else to you. I therefore will! Because, not only I have your solid faith, but I also have two very strongly founded beliefs:

1. I believe in His Promise that whosoever believes in Him, shall so be healed and is thus healed. I hold on to His Word, of some 2000 years ago, that He has healed me. I only faithfully wait for the day of completion of His Promise to me. I thus lay claim to His Vow.

2. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. My situation happened for a purpose - a greater one than what it appears to be. I pray for a miracle and I shall be His Witness of His Glory - to live to tell His Story of yet another of His Mysterious Ways.

If there is anything that my situation can do for anyone today, it should at the very least raise the awareness amongst all those who get to know about me - that you will see wisdom in reviewing all your priorities in life - for your family, for yourself.

There are insurance plans, wills, health plans, personal attitudes, career plans, work ethics, relationships, lifestyles, beliefs, goals and life purposes to review. If nothing else, please review your stress management strategy - don't let stress manage you (that's my biggest mistake!). If my situation could stir enough soberness in anyone of you to "take two" on your priorities and live life more meaningfully - I will take humble solace in knowing that it has served a useful purpose already.

To all those friends that I have not met and yet to put face to name, I thank you for your sincere encouragement. I will treasure them all. Thank you for your support to HRU and to me.

To all my friends whom I know so well, I am ever grateful to you for just being there for me. I look to the day when I can be with you soon, to enjoy the good side of life together all over again.

Last and never the least - my family and I are very grateful to have my team-mates, KK Chai, Margaret and VK and their families, as our best family friends! We will be forever indebted to them for their unrelenting, unconditional support and love!

I am indeed blessed to be amongst the very kind - I ask in the name of the Gracious God, that He Blesses each one of you abundantly always.

We thank you all once again, for your loving kindness! God Bless and We Love You back!

And our heartiest congratulations to all winners of the inaugural Hunters Challenge, 2009!

Vincent & Family
March 1, 2009

UPDATE {March 7, 2009}:

Friends of BlogCe5nt chatting and sharing!

Today, my HRU mates - KK Chai, Margaret, VK along with Claire visited me and were soon joined by KS, YS and Wendy and Uncle Chong, Ricky and Rosalynn. They brought to me a few hours of wonderful unforgettable moments - to cheer me up and to keep my spirit up.

They also brought with them a wonderful get-well card accompanied by your very generous collective contribution! YS & Wendy also brought me the "magical" apricot seeds!

It was a wonderful surprise and my family and I are extremely grateful for your loving kindness! I promise each one of you that your love will be immortalised in every cell of my soon-to-be healthy again body! I will do it for you all!

I cannot find the best words for our gratitude - there will never be one good enough - to describe how we feel of your caring love!

We love you and wish for God's Abundant Blessing To Be Upon Each Of You, Always!

Vincent & Family
March 7, 2009


BlogCe5nT said...

Our Gracious Thanks To All Our Friends! An update is posted - please read.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

The photo paints a picture of a Treasure Hunting AGM in progress, doesn't it?

We have CoCs of the past, present and future (the one on the floor) in attendance.

All say aye!

Cornelius Koh said...


Good to know that you're recovering well, my friend.

I checked out your daughter's blog and was pleasantly surprised that you've signed up for Qi Gong classes. And your new hairstyle looks great too! Perhaps when you have the time, you'd like to share with us a bit about Qi Gong.

Too bad you were unable to make it for the recent KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt. Perhaps your team mates were tempting you when they won that hunt. You need to get well soon, so that you can start building up the momentum to win the KK City Hunt next year - this time the full force of Hunters "R" Us! But of course we're sure as hell gonna make it hard for you! (smile).

BlogCe5nT said...

Thank you for your kind words, Cornelius, here and in the Get-Well card!

I have been to hell and back, so how much harder can it get? (Ha! Ha!).