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Article contributed by our guest columnist, Claire Chin, with thanks.

KUALA LUMPUR 21 Feb 09: The CSI Hunt by Purple Antz was a unique hunt woven around the crime investigation theme. Hunters had to don the “detective” thinking-cap and carry along a magnifying glass to solve a host of mysteries, from easy-to-crack ones, to several tricky crime scenes. The investigation started from and ended at Brickfields. It was a perilous journey, fraught with tricks and traps.

Everything started smoothly; questions were solved rather easily… until we met with some “blessings with violent speech”. Blessing someone and giving a violent lecture at the same time? And all above salt water.

Then came Raja, who had been upset and panicky lately. Our hearts went out to the poor chap, and we tried to ‘comfort’ him. But as he was nowhere to be found, we thought we’d leave him to weep alone. Little did we know that around the corner, “a nasty madman” was lying in wait. Luckily (or not) we drove as fast as we could and escaped his lunacy. (Mad => nuts, but madman = kacang ???)

Horatio left us with a puzzling mystery at the end. What had he left out? The investigation continued as we picked up several suspects along the way. Two challenges were thrown in and both had to be done in the car. One of the challenges had us recalling our counterparts in the CSI units in Las Vegas, Miami and New York, even Black Dahlia’s investigator was remembered.

The last mystery (T5 picture below) troubled us. Time was ticking. What have we got so far?

A letter C which strangely …. stood alone
A traffic light with the red light lit up.
Ah…our egg-head murder suspect. Now what is he doing? At first he’s standing, and then he sat down. And what’s with those 6 squiggly lines around him in sitting position? Is he shivering? Electrocuted? Or…shaking in guilt after committing a heinous crime?
Can you see? He’s got a lap, and with the lonely ‘C’, we now can clap!
In the 4th picture, we have a slumbering moon! Now what is Mr Moonface’s connection with this mystery…
And finally we have.... a whirlpool?? Times 10 on top of that. My oh my, that must be some big whirlpool. Loop 10 times?

And just when we thought all hope was lost, the answer popped into our heads .… and with just 7 minutes left! Thanks to nightly attacks by blood suckers, Ridsect Mosquito Coils came to the rescue. So the last picture wasn’t a whirlpool, it was portraying 10 coils! No time to waste! We sprinted to the nearest store, grabbed the pack and dashed to the finishing point.

Here are several questions mentioned in the story. See if you can solve the mysteries!

Q: Blessings with violent speech above the brine, I was told.
A: Resturant (directly below was "

Q: Sejak kebelakangan ini, Raja muram & cemas.

Q: A nasty madman in the midst here.
A: Kacang Foul.

Q: A core climate change.
A: Ace Vector.

Q: What Horatio left out is the answer.
A: Leading all the way.

And here’s how to piece T5 all together:

Picture 1: C
Picture 2: Red
Picture 3: Sit
C + Red + Sit => Ridsect (anagram)
Picture 4: Goodnight
Picture 5: Coils x10

And we get… Ridsect Goodnight Mosquito Coils (10 coils in a pack)!

Rotaract Club of Bangsar CSI Hunt Results
(Full score 150 points)

1st: Steven Arokiaraj, Sanjay Abdullah, Rahmah Othman, Sumita Devadas (138)
2nd: Venkateswaran Nagappan, Buvanes Tharmalingam, Eeswaran Kanesalingam, Simon Mathew (135)
3rd: Wong Chiang Chuen, Claire Chin, Julie Tan, Goh Teck Koon (132)
4th: Ramesh Rajaratnam, Liew Kok Seng, Chong Foo Seong, Lim Kong Yew (129)
5th: K Pavananthan, Yeap Heng Boon, Loh Siew Fun, Ho Mun Yee (129)

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