Sunday, April 26, 2009


After having visited dozens of BKT outlets in the Klang Valley (mainly through recommendations from family, friends, colleagues and fellow hunters), I have shortlisted down to two that I will be revisiting again and again and again.

Both eateries are located in Klang (arguably the BKT capital of the world) and only a stones throw away from each other.

Teluk Pulai (Pottery) Ba Kut Teh
Jalan Batai Laut 5, Taman Rashna, Klang

The BKT soup here is nice and thick and served in claypots (which helps keep the dish warm). Side dishes like fish balls, chicken feet, vegetables and yau char kuey are available to accompany the BKT. Here, they don't sell the dry spin-off version of the BKT.

This place is crowded during lunch time especially on weekends.

Restoran Kee Heong
Lorong Kawasari 4A, Taman Eng Ann, Klang

Here, they sell both the original soupy and dry versions of the BKT dish, but it is the latter that truly stands out.

It is a delightful dish that goes well with rice. Chunky pieces of pork are served in a claypot of thick gravy (made from BKT spices) that is lightly spiced with dried chillies. Slices of ladies finger and dried cuttlefish are added for that extra zest.

They occupy two shop lots (one of them is air-conditioned) to cater to the large crowds.


= Slasher™ ® = said...

I have eaten at both the shop. But, dont you think the first one at Taman Rashna having quite alot of MSG (or more known as ajinomoto). When I see them cook the rice also I feel like blacklisted the shop already. The add MSG even to the rice. But I know the soup for the BKT is nice. Agreed totally with it.

As for the second one, the normal soupy BKT is good to eat-in but not take-away. It will become very oily by the time you reach home. I wonder why. As for their dry, I prefer the other shop at Klang. I dunno their exact address but if you are familiar with Klang you will roughly know where I referring to.

The shop name is Lai Chun and located near the crossjunction traffic light before Klang Parade (if from Meru) and after Klang Parade (from Klang town). If you are coming from Taman EngAnn then you just need to drive straight all the way till before you reach the traffic light. You can see the shop on your left. That shop serve nicer Dry BKT. You can try there to see if the taste suits you. :)

Off topic : If you like steam lala, there is this shop at Klang Town near Kamdar. Named Restoran Boston. They serve quite nice lala. Steamed with rice winem gingers and cili padi. The seafood there looks not bad as well. :)

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Hi Slasher,

Dry BKT:
Amongst the places I have visited so far (and I have visited many), Kee Heong is so far on the top of my list. I have not tried Lai Chun, so maybe I will give it a try one of these days to compare.

The only way to avoid bumping into MSG is to eat at home, or stick to stalls that display the "No MSG" sign. That is why,

(1) I have already accepted the fact that most restaurants will use MSG.
(2) I follow strictly the adage, "When dining in a restaurant, don't visit their kitchen!". When one is out to audit, I am sure one can easily find faults.

= Slasher™ ® = said...

LoL...The kitchen for BKT shop is unavoidable. There are just there. But normally I know they will add MSG in their cookings and I accepted that. But for those shop that makes me feel very thirsty after eating it, I will just blacklist the shop for putting too much of MSG. Hahahha.....

You can try "Lai Chun" and compare with "Kee Heong". I like both of it but still think "Lai Chun" is slightly better. But different people having different taste opinion so it hard to argue which one taste better sometimes. Both having their own taste I can say.