Sunday, April 12, 2009


Now is an opportunity to indulge in all the flavours behind the counter of a premium brand ice cream without burning a hole in your pocket!

The Haagen Dazs outlet at SohoKL will be running this promotion beyond a limited time by the looks of it since there is no mention of any promotion expiry date. But ice cream lovers, don't ride your luck and do pay them a visit as soon as you possibly can.


= Slasher™ ® = said...

LoL...Before going I would suggest that you give them a call to confirm that the promotion is still on going.

I went there last saturday and also yesterday. But dont think that I ate alot. I just go there to enjoy it and not having my stomach full of cream. heheheh...Not many people know of this because I think it dont have much advertisement bout it.

For those who feel like going, you can call this number 03-62036695 for confirmation. According to them, the promotion might be until end of April only. There are 20 flavours to choose from and no time limit for it. :)

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Slasher, thanks for bringing this promotion to our attention.

When HD started their first nationwide All-You-Can-Eat promotion many many years ago, I was there. It was to be my first and last appearance at a dessert buffet. I could not survive past the 4th scoop - the "jelat-ness" had started to set in.

But I am sure there are many of you out there who can do better than me, and willing to give it a try. After all, how often can one savour 20 scoops of HD for only RM33.90 (that is if one can last the distance, hee hee).

BTW, do they serve other kinds of desserts as part of this buffet (eg. ice cream cakes, pastries etc)?

= Slasher™ ® = said...

So far the record at the outlet stands at 15 scoops for a single person. Anyone that feel like beating it can go and have a try.LoL...

I was there last week but I had 9 scoops and yesterday I had 8 scoops. To me, I apply the usual way of eating it. Not sure if it is correct way to enjoy it though. I always had the sweet one first. Then follow by the sour ones like raspberry sorbet and summer berries. You even can go for green tea flavour on the second round. It will kill off those "jelat-ness" in a way. The you goes on with the sweet ones again. Hehehehe...

They do serve their normal menus as usual. You can order those ice blended, shakes, waffles and others from the menu. The buffet is just a promotion for ice cream. And by the way, those topping are excluded from the buffet. You can add those nuts,choc chips and others with additional charges of RM1.50 each. :) I am not sure of ice cream cake though, because the cakes normally they sell in whole.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Just to put on record, someone we all know achieved 19 scoops without batting an eyelid. And she could have gone for double that, had the sun not gone down.

I would have contacted the Malaysian Book of Records had I not lost all the pictures. Sigh!