Sunday, April 5, 2009


Nihon ryori ga suki desu. Oishii!

Iketeru is definitely for you if like me, you have fallen in love with Japanese cuisine and look forward to the weekend buffets BUT ........

* dislike dining in noisy and crowded Japanese buffet restaurants where you have to shout in order to speak to your partner.
* get put-off by the sea of people queuing up to rush in as soon as the restaurant doors open at noon.
* can never get your hands on the grilled scallops, cod fish, unagi, tempura, oysters and other crowd favourites because there are always 50 people ahead of you in the queue.
* loathe hot food that arrives on your table cold.
* detest seafood that is so unfresh that even Tom decides to stay away.
* don't want to stuff yourself until you have no choice but to loosen the buckle.

and finally,
* get annoyed when after spending RM100, you can't remember what you have eaten at the end of the meal.

Here at Iketeru, food is selected from a menu and served to the table. Their well-rounded menu consists of 100 different contemporary and traditional Japanese dishes, ranging from sushi and sashimi to teppanyaki, grills, tempura, steamed dishes and desserts. The cuisine in Iketeru is innovative without being unnecessarily complicated, and freshness is guaranteed with the best ingredients being imported from Japan.

During a recent visit to Iketeru, I started off with the customary sashimi of yellow tail and salmon, but avoided the maki (hand rolls).

Next I sampled from their steaming selection, picking out mussels, cod fish in white wine and cawan mushi (steamed egg).

Moving on to their teppanyaki, grills and deep fried selection: the soft shell crab, grilled cod fish, scallops baked in cheese, deep fried oyster, grilled saba fish (mackerel) in light teriyaki sauce, teppanyaki prawns and scallops, and ebi tempura (not in picture) caught my attention.

And I rounded up my selection of savoury dishes with a bowl of salmon fish head soup, okonomiyaki (pancake) and a delicious pan fried beef.

To cool-off, I sampled almost every available ice cream flavour on offer - macha (green tea), goma (black sesame), lime sherbert and red bean. Complemented with a plate of fruits (not in picture) and a bowl of mochi, the brunch turned out to be wonderfully satisfying without being overly filling!

Iketeru @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur
Address: Hilton Kuala Lumpur, 3 Jalan Stesen Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact number: 603-22642264.
Reservation: Recommended.
Opening hours: 1200-1430 (Saturday and Sunday).
Cuisine: Japanese (Halal).
Must order: Everything on the menu except for their Mochi.
Must not order: Mochi.
Budget for 4 pax: RM392++ (food only).
My verdict: 5 stars.


= Slasher™ ® = said...

Hmm...Yummy!!! Looks nice...always wanted to try new place for Japanese buffet...hehehe....

Jogoya standard has dropped by alot and I dont find it a nice place to eat anymore. I went to Tenji at Solaris Mont Kiara and the food there taste better than Jogoya I think.

Before I go and try this one, I will wanna try the Osaka at Bandar Baru Klang and Sushi Zanmai at The Gardens Midvalley if not mistaken. Both are not buffet style but I heard it is not bad. :)

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Hey Slasher,

Glad to hear that you are a fellow makan kaki!

Do share your experience on Sushi Zanmai when you have the chance. I have heard a lot of good things about that place but have not had a chance to visit.

Yeah, Jogoya sucks big time - bad service, hot food that is served cold, too crowded etc etc.

I can't confirm it, but I suspect that Jogoya and Tenji may be owned by the same group of people. Friends who have visited Tenji commented that their setup and menu looks exactly like Jogoya.

= Slasher™ ® = said...

LoL...I like to hunt for nice food. Whenever there are places that friends recommend I will try to go pay a visit to the place if it is in Selangor.

I will share my experience once I been to that restaurant and if I go there before you go.

Yup, Jogoya now having bad services and bad quality of food. The removed the cod fish and salmon fish from the grilled and steam section leaving all the cheaper local fish there to choose from. Their supposedly hot food reaches the table when it is already cold.

I am not sure who is the owner for Tenji, but Jogoya is main branch is from Taiwan for sure. But very sure that they served exactly the same menu as Jogoya and maybe with little bit extra from Jogoya. The food still better than Jogoya in my opinion. Tenji having chocolate fondue and Jogoya doesnt have that. heheheheh....Some said Tenji is open to become business rival of Jogoya. Wonder which is true.

= Slasher™ ® = said...

Ahh..there is one more place for japanese food which I heard is not bad...Umaiya at Uptown PJ....:)

Mike said...

how's yaki-yaki @ federal bowl?

peter said...

Been to Zen at Sunway Pyramid. I think it's ok and not very pricey.

Used to frequent Rakuzen at Subang Jaya. But since they shifted next door, I think they have also changed their chef. Not that good anymore. The other "zen" (cant remember the name), which currently occupied the former Rakuzen premise is better.

If not mistaken, there is only one Japanese restaurant at Gardens (cant remember the name, though)- its at the Robinson side. Been there numerous time. Something like Sushi King, but better food and similar prices. If anyone thinking of Sushi King, suggest you come here instead (even if you have that 10% discount with Sushi King card).

A Japanese cuisine lover as well.

= Slasher™ ® = said...

I think the one at TheGardens u are talking about is SushiZanmai? At least thats the only one i hear alot good comment so far...

One more place to eat will be Kiku Zakura at Midvalley...I think that place is not bad as well...:)

Claire said...

There's another Japanese restaurant at The Gardens - Yuzu. The nabe's really good, so's the Kobe beef. If you do try Kobe beef, try the BBQ one on a hot plate. It's about RM88 for the beef. No buffet though. I've tried Fugu set there before...and live to tell the tale! ;)

peter said...

Yep, Slasher, its Sushi Zanmai.

Used to frequent Kiku Sakura (3rd floor Mid valley - near to GSC). Agreed - a good place. My favourite - their Kiku Sakura Bento.

Was at Yuzu last night. Surprisingly large place. Would recommend this over Kiku Sakura. In terms of price, more than Kiku Sakura, but environment wise, Yuzu is definitely better. In fact, better than Iketeru (IMHO).

= Slasher™ ® = said...

LoL...Peter is makan kaki..!!!

I havent really go to TheGardens yet...maybe i will go there have a walk and visit all the nice restaurant one by one...hahahha....

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Yuzu seems to have got a few votes. That'll be my next target! Thanks, guys.

BTW, I liked Zen too. Furthermore it is closer to home.

= Slasher™ ® = said...

off topic :
for you all information, there is a "Haagen Dazs eat all you can" buffet on going at Solaris Mont Kiara outlet...the promotion should be until end of this month..rm33.90 per person with no time can sit there from 11am till 11pm if you like..hhahahah....20 flavours for you to choose (depending on what they have that day)...The outlet is just somewhere below Tenji Japanese Restaurant..:)

eatingtable said...

I rated this as one of best Japanese restaurant in Klang Valley. I found this restaurant accidentaly while I am doing my lunch survey for my ROM family lunch during bulan ramandan month. The menu is just simple but very authentic.

Another you may try it out at One World Hotel - Kura Restaurant.

= Slasher™ ® = said...

By the this a buffet style? or a-la-carte?

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Slasher, if you are referring to Iketeru, yes it is a buffet. But if you are referring to Kura, we gotta wait for a response from Eating Table.

peter said...

Eating table,

I lost you.

I quote you:I rated this as one of best Japanese restaurant in Klang Valley.

'This' refers to which restaurant? But I saw the pictures on your blog on Tenji. Well, I think that would be my next target. Hopefully your 'this' goes to Tenji. The tables at the corridor seems to be very nice for dinner.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Peter, i think Eating Table was refering to Iketeru.

Regarding Tenji, I have not been there. But this is the feedback I got.

If you liked Jogoya, you will love Tenji. If you disllike Jogoya, you will hate Tenji. If you have not been to Jogoya, you may want to give Tenji a shot! Heard that Tenji is a copy-cat reproduction of Jogoya.

= Slasher™ ® = said...

My advice to you is dont go Jogoya. The food is terrible now. Tenji is still acceptable for now. Future wise I am not sure if it will be as bad as Jogoya.

The food serves at Tenji is exactly the same as what Jogoya has when initially opened. Just like what 2R1I said, if you like Jogoya, you will like Tenji else you will hate it very much as well. But if you havent been to both of it, then do choose Tenji over Jogoya.

I will give Iketeru a try one day. Next month I will be going to Saisaki for Mother's Day celebration. That is at least reasonable place to have dinner as my parent dont fancy Japanese dishes as much but they just wanted to try it. At least I am very sure it is better than any Shogun branch they have. :)

peter said...


Been to Jogoya, but that was abt 2years ago. Like the then Jogoya. So probably Tenji is nothing special.

Been to Iketeru too - last year for dinner.

Looks like been to most restaurants stated here. Any other good recommendation. For me, if Japanese food, call me anytime. LOL.

eatingtable said...

Hi all,
For best Japanese restaurant, I am refering to Iketeru.

For Tenji buffet, I equal the quality same as Jogoya. The dinning atmosphere is good. Food is not as authentic as expected. In fact, I find that the sashimi slice too thick.

For Kura Restaurant, it is ala carte style.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Has anyone tried Rakuzen @ Chulan Square? Heard they have they same concept as Iketeru at half the price - RM55++ only.

eatingtable said...

Any promotion period ?

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Hello Eating Table, if you are referring to Rakuzen, no!

peter said...

If you don't mind a review posted about 2 years ago, you can check here for a review of Chulan Square Rakuzen. It seems that they already have this 2 years ago. The blog was posted by a 24 year 'young' gal, whom seems to have eaten quite a bit.

peter said...

Just to revive your Japanese taste bud.

Recently, revisited a blog I read some time ago on food. He was recommending the Munakata - unlimited ala carte buffet.

Since working in JB for the past 10 months, did not really have much chance to go for new places. I think I'll do this the next weekend I am back to KL. Anyone who has tried this place care to share some experience??

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Peter, for a 老招牌 like Munakata who has been around for decades and decades, its continuous survival in this demanding industry can only mean that they serve good authentic quality food.

I have dined at their original outlet in Menara Promet in the 90s but have limited recollection about that experience.

But if you are a Sashimi lover, be wary though, I've read that Munakata offers very limited selections in this category!

Next time you are back in the Valley and craving for Japanese dishes, you may want to lunch at this not so NKOTB, Tao @ Sunway Giza for only RM45++. Been there once, and food is decent.