Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hunters Then & Now: What has changed?

100,000 BC vs 2009

SUBANG JAYA 4 May 09: Today a small group of hunters gathered in USJ9 to literally hunt for food. Pens and clipboards have replaced clubs and rocks as hunting implements. And instead of beating the "food" into submission, the hunters working in pairs, had to compete for the food reward, courtesy of the losing team - a Spanish treat at La Cocina Restaurante, ole!

The Food Reward

Was I impressed indeed by the work of the CoC - a very experienced hunter with several Majors under his belt. Teck Koon in all likelihood took less time (9 hours I was told) to craft the questions than it took for Claire to shortlist the restaurant. And such fine questions they were too.

A total of 12 questions and 1 math puzzle to be completed in one and a quarter hour, with a total of 4 sectors to cover on foot. Quite fair I thought had each team consisted of 4 members. But since we only had two-in-a-team, I felt it was a tad challenging especially when the questions weren't exactly Grab & Go material.

"Probably the hunt with the fewest number of participants", quipped Teck Koon, drawing laughter and nod of agreement from the hunters.

The Blue team on the prowl

The Red team on the prowl

A sampling of the flavours that were dished out today:

Q4: Absence of favourites with everyone in debt.
Ans: No Pets Allowed.
Q6: Ancient weapon around the beginning of this century.
Ans: Slimming.
Q7: If 1/x = 1 + x, find x.
Ans: Phi.
Q13: A large number maybe handsome.
Ans: M-1 Engineering.

Interestingly, the CoC had sneakily employed a handful of psychological tricks as well in this hunt to outwit the hunters.

(a) 3 answers from the same shop.
(b) 1 answer found literally below the feet.
(c) Printing 2 sets of questions for each team but hiding away one set at the last minute (a miserly action to prevent team members from splitting up).

In the end, the results of both teams reflected the overall level of difficulty of the hunt.

A Sangria toast to a hunt well done & good food!

6 types of Tapas

A Spanish favourite: Paella Negres - Spanish rice with seafood cooked in black squid ink

An unexpected prize courtesy of the CoC for the winning Red team - lunch for 2 at Al Nafourah, Le Meridien Hotel (Yummy, more food!)

By the way, Hunting for Food #2 is already in the works! A new CoC has been elected and is already hard at work. Should any of you share the same passion (to hunt and eat), let us know and we will forward you an invitation for the coming edition(s). There are no registration fees!

Hunting for Food #1 Results:
(Full score: 100 pts)

1st: Red team - Claire Chin & Chong Voon Kiat (49)
2nd: Blue team - Chai Koh Khai & Margaret Sha (13)


= Slasher™ ® = said...

Can I get the full set of Q&A for this simple food hunt if you are still keeping a copy? Thanks

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

I didn't keep a copy. Maybe the CoC can oblige. Please send it to: jimmy_llf@hotmail.com