Saturday, May 30, 2009


No write-ups available for this recent hunt because I wasn't there. Would like to keep a record of the results all the same to acknowledge the deserving winners.

30 May - MBSA The Green Hunt
(Maximum possible score: 100 pts)

1st: Ahmad Zahrol, Sharifah Nur Laila (90)
2nd: Mohd Izhar and team (85)
3rd: Kheirul Nazib, Ami Akhram, Haslinda Shamsudin (80)
4th: Mohd Farid, Wan Kamal Azlan, Azhanawati (80)
5th: Adrian Wong, Michael Pang (80)
6th: Lim Say Chye, Tommy Ng, Loh Chee Kwan (80)
7th: Sallehudin, Fong Choon Kiat, Haji Suhaimi (75)
8th: Lily Loh, Teoh Cheow Teong, Catherine Ng (70)
9th: Lee Ling Fei, Yeong Kig Siew, Yeong Kig Yeuong (70)
10th: Wong Chiang Chuen, Lim Chia Chia, Lim Chia Jean (65)

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