Monday, October 12, 2009


MALACCA 10 Oct 2009: What started as a walk about the streets of Malacca during the fourth stop of the Bio-Life Walk-a-Hunt series, instead ended up being somewhat of a walkover for the winning team.

The winning team anchored by two veteran hunters set what seemed like a record for point difference between the top 2 positions, a whooping 81 points. Nevertheless, it was still quite a gallant and commendable effort by the second and third placing teams, both fairly new to the hunting circles.

Quite an eventful day it was, with 30 questions, 2 treasures, 5 sponsor questions and 2 TAB events to attempt within the stipulated time - a search for answers that included a hike up A Farmosa.

Bio-Life Walk-a-Hunt Malacca Results
(Maximum possible score: 215 pts)

1st: Lee Ling Fei, Tommy Ng, Lim Say Chye, Yeong Kig Siew (189)
2nd: Chin Beng Seng, Goh Mee Mee, Chin Kah Hang, Chin Su Yong (108)
3rd: Umarani, Ang Chee Wan, Cecilia Su (85)

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