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PETALING JAYA 7 Mar 10: I cringe at the thought of watching a nude 60+ year old man and his 40+ year old sidekick juggle ping pong balls and pulling chains, razor blades and everything else from their anatomy. Yet, like everyone else I pre-purchased my ticket and waited in anticipation. That was in January when news spread that a Tiger Show was coming to town.

In the end, the Tiger Show attracted about 67 on-lookers, quite a good turn out actually, considering that our organizers didn't exactly have knee-length hair and hour glass figures. Besides, Madame XXX located just round the corner, was offering a more competitive rate, with a round of beer thrown in.

Come show time (the morning of 7 Mar 10), fortunately, Foo Seong decided to keep his clothes on.

Chong Foo Seong (1st from Left) with his trusty sidekick Garyguna (3rd from Left).
My team mate (2nd from Left) did a good job blending in well with the organizers and solving all the treasures before flag-off (chuckles)!

Yes, I am talking about nothing else but the annual CNY Hunt. 

Foo Seong from the onset had encouraged teams to hunt in their usual teams which helped increase the numbers somewhat, doubling the turnout of the previous year. 8 teams did just that, while the rest of us 30 odd rebels stuck with the customary format hoping that the "hand of Kok Seng" will deal us a favourable Ace from the Pack!

A number of us agreed that this year, Kok Seng did a commendable job with the team line-up. By segregating the hunters into 3 pots in view of an individual's strength, he was able to churn out 9 teams of fairly equal strength and avoided the possibility of having 4 heavy-weights in any single team.

I had the pleasure of hunting with Shahrin, Venka and Kar Ping - I took on the driver's role while my 3 fine team mates took over the driver's seat. Hunting together for the first time, we did quite a fine job too for an 8 STAR hunt! This was probably the only CNY hunt that I can proudly declare that I had not struggled with time. A good game plan and fine team contribution helped our cause - we were able to sniff out the Impossible ones from the Imposing and Improbable ones, wisely deciding to spend less time on the former.

Coincidentally or otherwise, Foo Seong did entertain us with a Ping Pong sideshow that is commonly a part of the genuine Tiger show.

This consumable product that teams must give as you should be able to tell,
Is made up of a product derived from milk with a product that's illegal to sell,
You can see on this treasure's exterior, what the Chinese have for many years dominated,
Appears as an alternative to a word that's shown when net bat and lines are re-delineated,
If you can bring me a sealed pack of this easily available treasure,
Rewarding you with its points will surely be my greatest pleasure.
Ans: A pack of Ping Pong brand Cream Crackers

But the real Masterpiece was this fine piece of work - a treasure riddle that had misled many to rice cracker biscuits because of carefully selected words like dry and crispy, and a good 2 line mis-introduction to rice! Good work!

Be informed that the principal ingredient of this treasure that's required is,
What is usually served with chicken famously prepared by the Hainanese,
The Chinese President gets into a vessel to show what the treasure is named locally,
For your points, please deliver at least 200 grams of this dry and crispy item to me.
Ans: A packet of Bihun (Any brand).

CNY Hunt - Tiger Show
(Maximum possible score: 188)

Chong Foo Seong presenting the winners' Ang Pow to Toh Wei Ming

1st: Chai Koh Khai, Tan Eng Siang, Toh Wei Ming, Teoh Cheow Teong (153)
2nd: Chong Voon Kiat, Venkateswaran Nagappan, Mohd Shahrin, Chin Kar Ping (148)
3rd: Yeap Heng Boon, Yeong Kig Siew, Julie Tan, Jayaram Menon (143)
4th: Alex Hoh, Claire Chin, Lim Say Chye (143)
5th: Catherine Ng, Sin Yoong Leong, Ho Mun Yee, Lim Soo Khian (133)
6th: Pavananthan, Woo Ee Wen, Pasupathy, Goh Teck koon (126)
7th: Christopher Foo, Michael Pang, Ling Liong Ang, Lim Kong Yew (121)
8th: Anuar Jeffrey, Chan Kah Sing, Ng Ek Leong, Cornelius Koh (119)
9th: Hagi Suhaimi, Rosemawarni Abdul Rahman, Ho King Mun, Liew Kok Seng (116)
10th: Muhammad Razif, Darmataksiah Ahmad, Hanna Hamizah, Sam Rahman (108)
11th: Kheirul Nazib, Sallehuddin, Fong Chun Kit, Azeman (106)
12th: Ramesh Rajaratnam, Khong Yin Swan, Florence Teng, Margaret Sha (104)
13th: Ahmad Zahrol, Sharifah Nur Laila, Hazni Mohd Afidi, Ainul Azraini (96)
14th: Lee Ling Fei, Loh Chee Kwan, Peh Kok Hun, Tommy Ng (89)
15th: Tan Chee Chiew, Tan Tsiau Way, Lau Kuan Cheng. Wong Yean Kong (79)
16th: Pirababarkaran Ponniah, Navamalar Ganesan, Lim Chuan Leng, Siva Kumar (74)
17th: Shandra Dass, Kumaran Nagappa, Ahmad Rozly, Stephen Ramalingam (69)

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2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

On behalf of the winners I would like extend my appreciation, to all those who contributed to the Driver's Pool.

For formality sake, here are the list of winners and payout:

1st - Chai Koh Khai (RM90)
2nd - Chong Voon Kiat (RM54)
3rd - Yeap Heng Boon (RM36)