Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Bukit Tinggi New Village (BT) is located between the foothills of Genting Highlands and Berjaya Hills along the Karak Highway. What used to be an unassuming little village where the chickens run wild and fresh vegetables & fruits are cultivated, is now a major layover for hungry travellers plying that stretch. I have lost count of the number of seafood restaurants in this village - each time I visit a new one seems to have sprouted up. During the weekends, the village can get really crowded. What entices the crowd besides the cheaper prices is the availability of live fishes and fresh vegetables.

If you would like to enjoy food from BT but hate crowded places (like me), check out Dragon City. The chef had recently ventured out from the Village to set up this restaurant in Setapak. And I was told that his supply of vegetables still comes from there.

Their piece de resistance is definitely the Steamed Chicken (味林鸡), which must be ordered in advance. The free range chicken (specially brought in from BT) could explain why the meat is extremely succulent and tender which more than justifies its premium price. The heavenly Blended Ginger & Spring Onion Dip (味林酱) complements the chicken meat very well.

Check out their Steamed Fish and Stir-Fried Fresh vegetables while you are here. They appear to use a premium grade of Soy sauce which is sweet (less salty) that flavours the steamed fish and vegetable dishes very well. For the more adventurous, I will also recommend trying their Claypot Terrapin (沙锅水鱼) and Steamed Wild Frog meat (清蒸田鸡).

Steamed Chicken 味林鸡 (RM45.00 for whole chicken)

Blended Ginger & Spring Onion Dip 味林酱

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves 清炒树苗 (RM11.00)

Stir-fried Kangkung 清炒马来风光 (RM11.00)

Stir-fried Fresh Mushroom with French Beans 生菇甜豆 (RM18.00)

Golden Fried Tofu in a Pot 锅子豆腐 (RM24.00)

Dragon City Restaurant (新龙城)

Address: No. 18, Jalan Rampai Niaga 3, Medan Niaga Rampai, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact number: 012-3180399
Reservation: Not required
Opening hours: N/A
Cuisine: Chinese (non Halal)
Must order: Steamed Chicken (味林鸡), Steamed Fish (蒸鱼), Stir-fried Fresh Vegetables (清炒菜)
Must not order: N/A
Budget for 4 pax: RM100

My verdict: 4 stars

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