Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In treasure hunts, Red Herrings are decoy signages enlisted by the cunning CoC in order to deceive unsuspecting hunters. It is not often that we encounter Red Herrings in hunts, as it takes some effort on the part of the CoC to craft a riddle that can somewhat fit one signage, yet be a perfect fit for another.

For this question, we had not one, not two, but three Red Herrings in the same sector as decoys to the intended answer, though unlikely that they were picked on purpose.

Q20: Core car fixture.
Ans: Focus Lighting Centre.

Decoy #1: Marimas Sdn Bhd
Decoy #2: ABS
Decoy #3: RF

Now that I have validated its definition, I am convinced that Focus Lighting is the only perfectly-fitting answer to this riddle. The CoC employed a deceptive definition-GK combo in the riddle that threw a few regular teams including ours off balance.

Core = Focus (eg. focus of my attention)
Car = Focus (Ford Focus)
Lighting = Fixture

The sector could not have been longer than 200m, yet we failed to pick up the intended answer; instead picking up decoys #1 and #2. Hillariously, the four of us ended up arguing over which decoy was the better answer and remained deadlocked until close to the Finish Line. In the end, I reluctantly gave in to Decoy #1 knowing fairly well that the riddle was lacking a subject matter, for it to be a perfect fit.

Core (of subject matter is a) car fixture.
whereby the subject matter = this (the sign).

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