Tuesday, August 3, 2010


MONT KIARA, 31 Jul 2010: A family of cats walked in. The butterflies waltzed in. The garbage collectors were here. So was the family from Bedrock.

These were some of the more interesting characters who had congregated at the Sunrise Sports Zone @ Mont Kiara. Sportingly dressed in eco-friendly themes, they added vibrancy and colour to the Sunrise Education Foundation (SEF) Charity hunt, which attracted a crowd of 86 teams.

For today's hunt, teams were required to complete 35 route questions (including 5 designated toughies), 4 treasure riddles and 2 challenges within 5 hours. The hunt was not a very challenging one. Hence how teams fared in the 2 challenges pretty much determined their ranking in the end.

Challenge 1, which teams had to perform at Mid-point of the hunt, was a real mockery. Teams were required to inspect 5 different football photos (similar to the below) and then select the likeliest position of the football in each photo.

Challenge 1: Football challenge.
I thought we did well to score 2 points for this challenge which was pure guess-work if you asked me. The COC might as well have written points of 0 - 10 on six pieces of paper, folded them, put them in a container, and invited teams to draw their own score!

Not unless you are Paul Goh of course, who accurately predicted the position of the football in all 5 photos to score the full 10 points, and maintain his 100% record in 2010 (after sweeping the recent FIFA World Cup sweepstakes). Wonder if Uncle Chong should seriously consider banning our own Paul the Oracle from the next football sweepstakes?

Meet Paul Goh!
Most teams did much better in Challenge 2 held at the Finish, which required teams to stick one hand in a bolster case to correctly identify the quantities for 4 items (rubber seed, pebble, ping pong ball and marble) and then naming one mystery item, through the sense of touch.

Unfortunately, the crowd was out of control during the challenge. Teams who had not completed this challenge were simply an earshot away from the teams performing the challenge, and could have easily heard or seen their answers. The challenge had a loop hole too - the items were hidden in the bolster making it effortless for any mischevious team planning to sabotage the other teams!

Challenge 2: Sense of Touch Challenge
The COC was rather sloppy in the questions too.

Q11 (one of the designated toughies) was not very well answered even amongst the regulars. It was easy to understand why. We were fortunate to see through the error because in the end this question was not cancelled though technically incorrect.

Q11: A name from America I have seen from the west.
Ans: Evisu.

And who could fault teams who handed in packets of Maggi Mee for T1, when it was Maggie Lee (Senior Executive for Branding & Community Development) who had emailed the briefing notice to participants in place of her boss, Anne Tong.

T1: From the family of the person,
Who sent you our brief announcement,
Has a plot that has a variety of snacks,
Angelina's latest show with Ed,
With fifty nomads in disarray,
To the pack you must find along the way.
Ans: Tong Garden Salted Almonds.

SEF Chairty Hunt
Maximum Score: 135

1st: Ramesh Rajaratnam, Liew Kok Seng, Chong Foo Seong, Lim Kong Yew (126)
2nd: Wong Chiang Chuen, Claire Chin, Julie Tan, Goh Teck Koon (126)
3rd: Chai Kok Chai, Alexander Hoh, Margaret Sha, Chong Voon Kiat (121)
4th: Lee Leng Fei, Eugene Cheng, Loh Chee Kwan, Yeong Kig Siew (118)
5th: Audrey Tan & team (115)
6th: Jonie Lim & team (114)
7th: Chen Poh Loong & team (113)
8th: Lenny Wan, Ruben Enbasegaram, Joey Chong & team (112)
9th: Anwar Jeffri, Tan Kok Cheeng, Chan Kah Sing (112)
10th: Yeap Heng Boon, Peh Kok Hun, Teoh Cheow Teong, Tommy Ng (111)


Cornelius said...

It is amazing that the CoC did not cancel Q11.

Paul Goh is very handsome!

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Well, the machais were running the show while the COC was away.

And the boo boys did make some noise. Either the machais could not understand the complaint or they could not be bothered, I dunno.

Cornelius said...

It's possible that the CoC has been too busy this lately, clerking too many hunts, which resulted in him becoming a bit mung cha cha. And that in turn must have caused him to sort of lose his orientation and got his compass points mixed up. Still, what a mistake to make!

wannatolearn said...

What was the technical error for Q11? I'm in the learning prosess. Tq

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Be wary of their instruction,
Or you might lose your direction,
A compass in hand,
Will guide you my dear friend.

Cornelius said...


Q11 is a "reversal" riddle. It involves a bit of simplification or modification of some words in the clue; and then to be followed by the reversal process.

America = US

I have = I've


"America I have" = USIVE


USIVE => reversed => EVISU

The part of the clue which is supposed to tell the solver to reverse the USIVE, i.e. the reversal indicator, is found in "seen from the west". But that is wrong, because actually it should be reading from the east, meaning reading from the right to left, not from the west.

I have always been very particular about accuracy in hunt clues. The master hunters are very experienced people; some of them are CoCs themselves. They can see the CoC's intention even when the clues are wrong! They can rise above the rest by giving a wrong answer which they know what the CoC wants.

But perhaps the average hunter does not have that advantage. They would probably be struggling to crack to clue, let alone figure out that the CoC has made a mistake! That's why when a clue is wrong, it should not count. It should be cancelled!

wannatolearn said...

Thank you my dear friend. Now I understand. Still a long way to go):-

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