Sunday, September 19, 2010


TELUK BATIK, 21 Aug 2010: Many of us are creatures of habit. We rise at a fixed time, need the morning dose of coffee, take the same route to work, dine at the same restaurants, shop at the same stores and the list goes on and on.

Similary, COCs too have their own whims and fancies that they habitually assimilate into their hunts, be it a crafting style that he is especially comfortable with or a treasure that he is particularly fond of. Paying attention to these repeating patterns can sometimes pay handsome dividends.

There was nothing really outstanding about today's GBS Charity Hunt which took hunters to Teluk Batik. The COC employed seasoned tricks which largely did not trouble the regular hunters ...... well, almost did not. This riddle in Tanjung Malim provided the sole resistance.

Q: Sekeliling untuk pakaian alas luar.
Ans: Pro.

The Purple Antz has a fondness for substituting "one" with the articles "a" or "an", an affinity I was aware of but slipped my mind on hunt day. Establishing this relationship is essential in order to progress. Cryptically, this question can be interpreted as "SE needs to surround the answer in order to derive a word that can satisfy the definition pakaian alas luar".

A + (Answer) + N = baju alas luar or Apron
which will yield Pro as the answer.

We didn't solve the riddle, but felt our effort "HO" was worth a shout. Our prayers were not answered though!

Following are riddles from previous Antz's hunts that sing a similar tune. Give it a try!

Q5: Satu masuk untuk sembahyang di bangunan ini.
Ans: Wisma Pry.
(Mengo Green Hunt, 2009)

Q17: An addition for a colour.
Ans: CYN Auto Service.
(Unity Hunt, 2009)

GBS Charity Hunt
Maximum Score: 140

1st: Alexander Hoh, Claire Chin, Goh Teck Koon, Julie Tan (140)
2nd: Peh Kok Hun, Loh Chee Kwan, Lim Say Chye, Tommy Ng (137)
3rd: Garyguna, Mohd Razif Ahmad, Darmataksiah Abai, Sam Rahman (135)
4th: Pavananthan, Ramesh Rajaratnam, Liew Kok Seng, Chong Foo Seong (134)
5th: Yeoh Ban Lye, Cecilia Yew, Teng Wei Chiat, Chan Chung Wei (134)
6th: Yeap Heng Boon, Teoh Cheow Teong, Margaret Sha, Chong Voon Kiat (134)
7th: Simon Matthew, Venkateswaran Nagappan, Eeswaran, Buvanes (128)
8th: Pirabakaran, Navamalar and family (128)


Cornelius said...

For Q17 above, are you saying that the CoC equated A to AN? Is that the "bridge" thing we've been discussing about in the past? i.e.

A => ONE


But is A = AN?

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

"A" is used to denote a single unit eg. a book.

"AN" is an extension of "A" used before words that begins with a vowel or have a silent "H" beginning eg. an orange or an hour.

In the above sense, I think the COCs argument is valid.

Cornelius said...

"A" is used to denote a single unit.

"AN" is also used to denote a single unit, except that its use is restricted to words which start with the pronunciation of a vowel. E.g. an hour (silent "h"), an heir (silent "h"). But a uniform (pronounced "you"-niform).

"THE" can also be used to denote a single unit, e.g. when referring to something which is one of its kind. E.g. the sun.

In all these cases, they're referring to single units. "A" and "AN" are indefinite articles, whereas "THE" is a definite article. Can we then equate "A" to "THE"?