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SETIA ALAM, 26 Jun 2011: Hundreds of pooches of various breeds congregated at Setia Ecopark today for the annual Doggy Carnival, with their human companions in tow. They came in all shapes and colours, big and small, shaggy and cropped. And they were everywhere .....

This one invited its friends .....

..... while this one appeared to be the invited guest.

The Yong family with their beloved pooch.

As with any carnival, there were lots of events and competitions to keep every mutt busy.

Dog Grooming competition.

Best of Breed competition.

Dog & Owner water relay race.

Dog Obedience Demo.

Kig Siew, Yoong Leong and myself, were here for the Dog & Owner Treasure Hunt.

The hunt was literally a walk in the park, the Setia Eco-park.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Captain Jack and his Trailblazing team were the "brains" behind the hunt. Had been quite a while since many of us had an opportunity to participate in his hunts. He made his debut as a very green CoC maybe four years ago. But after entertaining us with a handful of hunts, he made a surprising decision to restrict his brand of hunts to beginners. Hence today's hunt was somewhat of a rare treat.

Captain Jack Swallow from The Trail Blazers.

Ingeniously, Captain Jack had created his own signs and scattered them around the park to make up for the lack of signs. And to make it interesting he added lots of red-herrings too. Some of his clues were cryptic. The dog & owner were required to sniff out the answers to fifteen such clues. Plus there were two tasks to complete. One task was to identify dog breeds. The other was to decipher two treasure riddles and identify the correct fruits from the ones presented in a bowl.

One of the signs created by the CoC.

Judging from the clues from today's hunt, the captain has left his swashbuckling days behind (to his credit), opting for more text-book type crafts. And I look forward to the day when his public hunts are once again truly for the public at large.

Q5: Possibly Cassius Clay's favourite dog.
Ans: Boxer.

Q13: Sheep caretaker origins from where Berlin is the capital.
Ans: German Shepherd.

Q: Walk participates for injured stage strut in part of harbour.
Ans: Wisma Patco.
(3K Triple-One Hunt, 2008)

Q: He lastly and I come in somehow for a perplexed mysterious Himalayan animal before part of India’s old neighbour.
Ans: Tylon.
(3K Triple-One Hunt, 2008)

Still, there was one treasure riddle from this hunt that I could not quite agree with.

T1: Although I have rage in me, I'm still sweet.
Ans: (Choose from: Mango, Orange, Papaya, Apple and Rambutan).

Note: Some of the pictures in this post is courtesy of Pets Pavilion.

Doggy Carnival Treasure Hunt
Maximum Score: 105

Winners: K9-PI

1st Runners Up: The Cereal Killers

2nd Runners Up: Redz Hunter

1st: Yeong Kig Siew, Sin Yoong Leong, Chong Voon Kiat (105)
2nd: Angie Teh, Yow Hui Hui, Teh Boon Kai (100)
3rd: Redz Hunter (100) 
4th: The Underdogs (95)
5th: Macho Mastif (95)
6th: Quick (90)
7th: Idog (90)

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