Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Hunt-lympics!

In 2014 we blogged about the 1 thing that matters to us most - Treasure Hunting. In line with the first Allianz Amazing Hunt 2014.

In 2015, Allianz came back with our 2nd love - food!

2016 will be the 3rd time Hunters R' Us will be making our appearance at the Allianz Hunts - this time being the Allianz Crazy Games 2016. What makes the event whet our appetite even further is the recently concluded Olympic Games in Rio! Our athletes definitely made us proud, with an impressive best ever 4 silver & 1 bronze haul.

Malaysia's next mission is to further improve on that come Tokyo 2020, and to grab that elusive gold. What are we waiting for? Train we must!

*Future Gold Medalists?*

Support us at the Allianz Crazy Games 2016 where we'll be aiming to bring back the gold!

Hunters R Us


Anonymous said...

Go team go...

Anonymous said...

Go for gold!!!