Saturday, August 30, 2008

WHAT IF ......

...... you were asked to pick four major events from all the treasure hunts organized in Malaysia. Which ones on the circuit would garner your vote to make the Grand Slam and why?

The below would be my picks, based on the criteria of prestige, tradition, history, prizes and level of difficulty. And of course, it has to be an annual event. These are the four that barring the occurrence of a natural disaster, you will find me there with my team, challenging for honours. Just like how the different court surfaces make each major event in the tennis circuit unique, my picks for the Grand Slam of treasure hunt are unique in that they are clerked by four different groups of CoCs, each having their own distinctive style.

1) Kiwanis Treasure Hunt

The Kiwanis Treasure Hunt is the longest surviving treasure hunt event in the annual calendar. Having celebrated its silver jubilee in 2008, the idea for its inaugural hunt back in 1984 was mooted by Kiwanian Mr. Tony Leow to raise funds for charity.

With the exception of a few years, the participants of the Kiwanis Treasure Hunt have regularly journeyed outside of the Klang Valley. The birth of theme hunts since 1996 has turned the prize giving dinner into a gala that particpants would not want to miss, with lively opening gambits and sidesplitting stage shows . At the end of the prize presentation, the champions of the Kiwanis Treasure Hunt each year get to wear and display a limited edition bright red champions-only jersey, much to the envy of other participants.

Since the refreshing Crack-a-pots and mystifying challenges were conceived and introduced into
the Kiwanis Treasure Hunt, this event has transformed into one of the more challenging treasure hunts in the circuit. Should you want to lock horns with the creme de la creme in the treasure hunting circles, this is one event not to be missed.

2) theSun Motor Hunt

The baby of the majors, theSun Motor Hunt was the brainchild of Mr. Phillip Karuppiah, a former managing director of theSun and an avid hunter himself. Inaugurated in 2004, theSun Motor Hunt aptly known as "The Mother of All Hunts" earned its moniker from the record number of participants taking part in this event each year, in addition to the record number of prizes handed out by generous sponsors. In 2006, a whopping 280 teams registered to take part in this event.

TheSun Motor Hunt, which is within the vicinity of the Klang Valley, is certainly not for the faint hearted, for it is well known to be one of the more challenging, if not the most challenging treasure hunt event on the hunting calendar. Teams are separated into two categories of Master and Novice with elite teams competing in the Master category having to face questions of a much higher level of difficulty.

3) Putrajaya Treasure Hunt

Organized by the Sports, Recreation and Welfare Club of Putrajaya Holdings, the Putrajaya Treasure Hunt has been an annual event in the hunting calendar since 2003 (according to my records). Usually held in the month of July, the Putrajaya Treasure Hunt is uniquely designed to promote the numerous attractions located within the city of Putrajaya.

Arguably second only to theSun Motor Hunt in terms of number of participation, residents of Putrajaya, civil servants and the general public from all over the country have turned up in droves to participate in this event. The Putrajaya Treasure Hunt has two categories, whereby the residents of Putrajaya and civil servants are put in a separate category from the general public. Thanks to the generosity of the organizers, this event is well known to allot attractive cash prizes to an extended list of winners from both categories.

A signature event by the CoC, the TAB Event, has been a regular feature for teams participating in the Putrajaya Treasure Hunt. The TAB Event can be in the form of a game of chance, a game of skill or even a test of General Knowledge.

4) Mensa Malaysia Hunt

The Mensa Malaysia Hunt has been an annual feature on the hunt circuit ever since year 2000 (according to my records), missing out only in one year, 2007. Having to live up to its conspicuous name, participants of the Mensa Malaysia Hunt can expect a torrid time answering the questions and deciphering the treasures uniquely crafted with a touch of Mensan deception.

The Mensa Malaysia Hunt has two categories, separating members of Mensa Malaysia from the general public. While the turnout for the Mensa Malaysia Hunt may not be as high as the other majors, this event does have its ardent fans who turn up year after year in support.

There are a few other regular hunts on the circuit that could lay claim to form the Grand Slam, each having their own prestige and/or steep tradition. Those worth mentioning include the Hospice Malaysia Charity Hunt, National Press Club Hunt, Mensa Penang Treasure Hunt, Bernama Hunt, Maju Junction Mall Challenge and Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu Hunt. However, following in the traditions of tennis and golf where I am limited to four picks, I will KIV the rest, to replace any of my four picks should they cease being a permanent feature in the hunting calendar.


BlogCe5nT said...

Grand Idea, VK! I go with your selection. Those are certainly the more challenging of the lot.

Often COCs have a "signature" hunt.

Maybe we could also attempt to draw up a list of "Best of COCs" hunts - where it features the single BEST of each COC. Then we could call this the "MALAYSIAN SIGNATURE CIRCUIT" !

Claire said...

I've only tasted 1 of the Big 4: Sun Motor Hunt... 3 more to go! Hopefully all 4 Biggies will continue their annual tradition.

And haven't won any Grand Slams...yet! haha...

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

I am not sure anyone ever has (winning a Grand Slam)! The Machines and us came close in 2005 and 2006 respectively, winning 2 of 4 majors.

I may be wrong, but I think the Machines are likely the only team that have won a Career Grand Slam (winning all 4 majors in different calendar years). That is why they are consistently the team to beat, year after year. My hats off to them!