Sunday, September 28, 2008

Atmah Winner's Dinner Treat In Advance - Intuition of Something Very Good Soon!

Ever had that "I kinda feel lucky today" feeling before? I believe that's what Claire had on that feeling-good day when her team won the Atmah Hunt! She must have felt something really good right after the hunt (before the dinner-prize presentation) and the confidence must have prompted her gesture of generousity and goodwill - "Skip the Atmah dinner, guys. Let me belanja everyone!"

And we loved her "treat-in-advance". It was an excellent place - for the food and the ambience and even the people who served us. Nice and friendly and accomodating "at a place my family name is honoured" - ATAWOO Thai Restaurant! The chefs were Thais - Claire checked!

We headed for this place right after Juru - fairly smoothly - no bothers from the bridge or subsequent traffic at all. Our hunger pangs grew as the distance left shortened.

The facade sported an attap fringe (it seems, ATAWOO means Attap House in Thai), and inside, the furniture was on top of some kind of raised wooden platform - homely and warm "kampung" feeling.

We had two fish dishes, two vegetables (brinjals and kai lan), a tomato-egg dish, tom-yam and a plate of prawns.
The View Before the Chew! Rub-a-tub-tub! Thank You For The Grub!

The Fiery, Creamy Seafood Tom Yam Loaded To The Brim!

The Innocent Looking Kai Lan - Ala Thai Style! Actually, spiked with Chili Padi!

Lots Of Steamy Rice - Free Flow!

The Garlic Prawns - An All-Time Favourite!

The Tomato-Omelette - something for the "non-meat" diner!

The "Star Attraction"!

The Saucy, Juicy Eggplants!

The eight of us enjoyed every one of them and left almost nothing on the plates!

The fish dishes were the best (sorry, forgot to take a picture of the 2nd fish dish before it was completely consumed) - those alone will make us come back again when we feel a Thai (tie?) day is going to happen. Yes, remember the results? 3 teams tied for the Atmah hunt! A post-hunt interview revealed that one has to "eat the fish head" to "stay ahead" too!

And we had refreshing rounds of the unique nutmeg drinks too! Authentic - slightly sweet - but you can ask them to make it to your liking - very accomodating.

We Had Two Rounds of the Tangy Nutmeg Drink!

Excellent Choices, and Thanks Claire! It was a wonderful dinner that we will all remember for a long, long time! I don't mind an intuitive day like this of my own someday soon! Guys, you too?

(The pictures don't do enough justice - they actually look a lot better live! Please excuse the amateurish effort!)

P/s: Seems that they also serve steamboat.

Location: 80-S, Trengganu Road,10460 Georgetown, Penang
Opposite the Lye Lye FoodCourt
GPS : N 05 24.426, E100 18.543
Business Hours:
12.00 pm to 3.00 pm
6.00 pm to 1.00 am
Parking : They have space for 2 cars right in front of the restaurant. Most will park along both sides of the road.


Claire said...

The pleasure's all mine. Looking forward to the next "intuition" treat, or be treated! ;)

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

A wonderful change to the usual street fare. Loved both the fishes! Thanks Claire.