Sunday, September 28, 2008


KUALA LUMPUR 27 SEP 08: What a thrill! I finally got to meet in person the host of my favourite food program, One Day Five Meals (一日五餐), the talented and petite, Angel Wong or more fondly known as Chui Ling.

Her program shares good places to eat in the Klang Valley for five different meals in a day, on an economical but not exactly shoestring budget of RM50.

This picture was taken during the recent T-Mall Hunt organized by Sony Malaysia in conjunction with the official launch of their latest Cybershot camera series, the Skinny T at Berjaya Times Square.

We didn't win the hunt, losing to the eventual champions, undeniably the best team on the day, on a time tie-break. But nonetheless we were happy campers, returning home with 4 (2 out of our own pockets at promotional prices) brand new ultra-slim DSC T77 Cybershot digital cameras which comes with 10.1 Mega Pixel resolution, 4X Optical Zoom, Optical SteadyShot image stabiliser, Smile Shutters, Face Detection, a bright 3.0" LCD touch screen and image processor.

The hunters in teams of two, were given 2 hours to cover 5 floors in Berjaya Time Square, and needed to answer 20 run-of-the-mill cryptic questions together with 4 Picture Treasures (using the T77 of course) and 1 Physical Treasure. To give some idea of the level of difficulty, the eventual champions completed the event in a mere one hour and sixteen minutes.

The eventual champions captured on a DSC T77 Cybershot, being Senyap-Senyap, attempting to keep a low profile.

Results (Out of a possible 100 points)

1st: Liew Kok Seng, Sam Rahman (100pts)
2nd: Vincent Woo, Chong Voon Kiat (100pts)
3rd: Chow Weng Seng & partner (76pts)
4th: Steven Koh, Koh Yang Kin (76pts)

Names & Scores not available for the 5th to 6th positions


BlogCe5nT said...

The COC, YS Khong, introduced an interesting Treasure format - solve the clues, take pictures that will "answer" the clues completely and hand in the pictures in print. And also write where you took the "pictures".

With the cost of prints at less than 60 sen per copy nowadays and almost improbable that any team will be without any digital picture capturing device or avail themselves to one easily - and printing facilities being easily available at all photo shops - this idea could catch on quickly!

Nice one, YS! I am sure more trend-setting ideas will come from you!

I also look forward to COCs innovating further from this good one!

BlogCe5nT said...

It should be accurate to say that "What & Where?" has gone digital!

Cornelius Koh said...

Just checking, VK, are your ear lobes still intact after taking that photo with the Angel?

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Corny, last time I looked in the mirror this morning (when brushing my teeth) they were still in their rightful place (grin).

The street people's thoughts about the Sony Cybershot Skinny-T Mall Hunt:

Can't really blame these poor souls - the end result being a couple of perfect scores in a "challenging hunt" for the street people. And perhaps, a past experience of one or two dodgy events may have affected their vision.

BlogCe5nT said...

Interesting comments. Saddened but not surprised. The "yak" was "low".

It is not unusual to find sour-grapes in every competition - in any competition of any kind. And usually, a few bad hats in each competition contribute to those impressions.

The whine-yard is the largest jungle in the world!

What they need to do is to let their fingers do some walking before they use them for "talking".

Spotted a couple of wise ones there too - to give credit where credit is due.

I can see why the few felt that way too, having being there, done that before in my younger days ... but I hope they will all learn to grow up sooner than later.

Best of all - I hope they will join the public hunts and see for themselves what real fun they are missing in Malaysian Treasure Hunts and find out how nice the people (organisers, participants,sponsors, press, etc) really are in this sporting community.

In fact, we are so nice, we don't even expose the "bad hats" and just let them "have their fun"!

Claire said...

I must say... the "Japanese" part from "the street people's thoughts" is hilarious!

Cornelius Koh said...

Many people are unwilling to admit that they are just not up to the mark. When others perform better than them, it is often much simpler to say that they must have cheated. I suppose that is less damaging to one's pride and ego. Just because these born losers perform like shit, they expect everyone else to have their level of ability too. How pathetic.

BlogCe5nT said...

Yes, corn - quite understandably, there will always be initial reactions like these from time to time.

We have to help those who really care or are just misinformed to see the proper light of things.

Learning is a journey - we can guide them by shining light onto their path.

We can only hope that they will look when we do - and not ignore the kindness.

The treasure hunt community could do with a lot more new enthusiasts in every state!

Jom, Malaysia!

BlogCe5nT said...

Hopefully the matter is finally closed amicably at the L.Y.N. Nice people there actually - just need to explain sincerely and help them understand this unique sport of our country.

I often visit the LYN forums to get up to date local feedback on things I intend to buy or have. Nothing like checking with the "experienced" locals.