Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Corn fed chickens are raised like conventional chickens with the only difference being their diet which contains a high level of corn. Because of their healthy and highly nutritious diet, the corn fed chickens have a characteristic bright yellow skin and succulent flesh.

Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice is one chicken rice outlet in Petaling Jaya that serves corn fed chickens. Both steamed and roasted chicken are available, although it is the steamed variety that is more popular with the diners. The chicken meat is juicy and springy, a sign of freshness.

This outlet is also well-known for their home-made soup, which is full of flavour as it is boiled from generous amounts of chicken bones and chicken feet complemented with generous amounts of ingredients. The variety of soup changes daily, and can include Watercress soup (西阳采汤), Lotus root soup (莲藕汤), ABC soup (carrot, onion and potato soup) and others.

Regular customers usually make a bee-line to the soup pot immediately after placing their orders. A second helping of soup amongst diners is not uncommon.

An order of bean sprouts garnished with cut chillies and chopped spring onions completes the chicken rice meal. For those who are interested, chicken spare parts like intestines, gizzards and chicken feet are also available for order.

For fans of chicken rice, you'll thank me for highlighting this place.

Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice

Address: Restoran Yat Yeh Hing, No.33, Jalan SS4D/2, People's Park, Petaling Jaya (across the road from Restoran Loong Foong)
Contact number: N/A
Reservation: Not required
Opening hours: 10.30-1430 (Daily)
Cuisine: Chinese (Non Halal)
Must order: N/A

Must not order: N/A
Budget for 4 pax: RM25

My verdict: 4 stars

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