Thursday, October 2, 2008


I thought that it would be interesting to make a cryptic introduction of the creme de la creme of the treasure hunting community to the hunters who are new to our weekend pastime. If you had paid attention you will realise that names from this list regularly populated the top ten positions of public treasure hunts week in and week out.

For infant hunters that intend to take up this pastime seriously, these names would make a very good benchmark. Dislodge these names once or twice, and you will find yourself almost there (at their level). Dislodge them regularly, and your name will be the next one that will be inscribed into this Hall of Fame.

And guess what! With participant feedback like these, I think I have somewhat achieved my objective (chuckles).

I think I can almost remember most of the names already but still unable to get the question solved.

Initially I printed the Hall of Fame list as reference. After a while I found that I did not need it anymore. The names are permanently engraved in my memory.

On to the review.

Q5: Refer to the picture attachment.
Ans: Catherine Ng

Cryptograms in picture form are rare (but they do pop up occasionally) in treasure hunts. So I thought it would be refreshing to introduce one here.

The difficulty in overcoming these type of challenges would be to identify the one word or words best describing the picture as required by the setter. Once you have identified the word(s), the next step is rather straightforward.

Here, I wanted the word "Interchange" which is defined by most dictionaries as a highway intersection designed to permit traffic to move freely from one road to another. The Under Construction sign pinned to the picture is a clue to the solver that the solution needs to be repaired or anagrammed. Browsing through the names in the list, you will find that Catherine Ng fits perfectly!

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