Saturday, October 4, 2008


Do you know what women need that would drive their men wild?

The answer to this question was my inspiration to Q4 in Hunters R Us Challenge #1.

Q4: Turns out to be a negligee that captured her heart?
Ans: Toh Weng Ngai

Negligee is a form of nightgown for women that was first introduced in France around the 18th Century with early designs that mimicked the heavy head-to-toe style of dresses during that era.

Companies like Victoria's Secret have since turned modern negligee into a garment suitable not only for wearing in the bedroom but also decently suitable for wearing outside one's home.

Believe it or not, this piece of garment actually has enchanting powers. Just try hanging out in one at home during a EPL match night. It is bound to distract even the staunchest of Man United supporters.

Hmm .... perhaps Q4 should have been worded, " ..... that captured HIS heart"! Anyway, let's go on to review how to break this question. Q4 is actually more complicated than it appears to be and involves anagramming, nesting and intermediate selection of letters. The smooth surface reading helps to conceal the ploy.

Turns out is an angram keyword that requires the solver to anagram a negligee or a synonym of it (I needed a nightgown).
Heart is an intermediate selection keyword that requires the solver to pick out e from her (centre of h-e-r).
Captured is a nesting keyword that requires the solver to nest the anagram result of a nightgown around e.

Putting all these together will yield Toh Weng Ngai.

Q4, I must add, was the best answered question in Hunters R Us Challenge #1. Well done, people!

A parting note, be extremely wary when you find a similar sounding question in a street lined with Victoria's Secret, Triumph and Blush! shops as these shops are more often than not red-herrings employed by the cunning setter.


= Slasher™ ® = said...

I think there is a small mistake there. Not sure if I read the review wrongly.

"Captured is a nesting keyword that requires the solver to nest the anagram result of nightgown around e"

Do you mean "Nightgown + E" is the answer? If so I think there is something left out :)

The letter "A" is not there. If "A Nightgown + E" maybe can be more accurate.

Sorry if I am wrong. Still learning the trick to solve cryptic clues.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Yes, I wanted "a negligee", so you needed to nest the anagram result of "a nightgown" around "e".