Sunday, October 5, 2008


Did you know that back injuries are the most common reason for absenteeism in the general workplace after the common cold?

Majority of back injury incidents reported are not a result of direct trauma such as a fall, sporting injury or motor vehicle accident, but in fact are a result of continuous stress and strain due to poor workplace ergonomics.

Office staff such as those who work at a computer, are especially at risk because of their job nature which require them to sit down for long hours at a stretch. Besides back pain, other risks associated with prolonged sitting in an office chair include neck strain and leg pain.

Fortunately there are preventive measures recommended by experts that an office staff can take to reduce the risk of injury to the back and other parts of their body:
  • take regular breaks.
  • sit in a good adjustable chair that provides lumbar support.
  • adjust your seat height such that your feet are fully in contact with the floor or foot rest.
  • position the computer monitor at a comfortable height, distance and angle.
  • adjust your seat height such that your arms and wrist are in a relaxed position when using the keyboard.
  • position frequently used office equipment at an appropriate height.

Q1 of Hunters R Us Challenge #1 touches on the subject of back injury.

Q1: He is fine excluding a back injury.
Ans: Sam Rahman

Similar to Q3, when crafting this question, I had exploited the fact that an English word could have an abundance of synonyms, to deceive the solvers.

Harm is a synonym for injury, and using back as a reversal keyword will yield mrah. Excluding (omission keyword) mrah from Sam Rahman will result in Sa man. which when put together will yield Saman which is a BM translation of summons, another valid synonym of fine. The use of He should have also helped the solvers to reduce the number of possible targets.

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