Sunday, October 5, 2008


War is wrong! Unlike natural disasters like tsunami or earthquakes, war is a disaster created by people, against people. Often the result of an individual's bloated ego, millions of taxpayer's dollars are literally burnt to stage a war, and millions more spent after the war to repair the destruction it had caused. Not to mention the needless loss of thousands of lives, including many innocent civilian lives.

In every war it is not uncommon to hear of a military personnel being captured and held captive by the enemy. Known as Prisoners of War (POW in short), these detained soldiers are protected by the Third Geneva Convention of 1949 to ensure that they receive humane treatment by their captors.

This was the theme I adopted for Q3 of Hunters R Us Challenge #1.

Q3: A single American held captive.
Ans: Susan Ong

English is a beautiful language that is rich in synonyms, a fact that is often exploited by setters to make the lives of solvers more miserable.

Here, the word, single, was used in the sentence to mean one or lone. However, flipping through the thesaurus, you'll acquire another meaning for single which is needed to solve Q3 - song. Since it is quite ok to denote America as USA, so cryptically, we can refer to American as USAn (USA+n). Again held captive is a nesting keyword used to point to a nesting of song around USAn with the final result being Susan Ong.

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