Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HRU Challenge #2 - Around The World in 18 Days!

Spinning Globe courtesy of http://www.world-map.nl/

Wanna see the world? Come then, let Hunters 'R' Us shuttle you around the world in 18 days and in the comforts of your armchair. Be awed or be fascinated, but also be fore-warned that you'll be totally absorbed and transfixed as you stare unblinkingly at the colorful countries of the world. Countries will twist and turn and transform in your head or even try to hide from you. And you'll want to visit them over and over again …… Welcome to HRU Challenge #2 – Around the world in 18 days!

Event Details
This event is an "armchair" treasure hunt and shall be conducted over a period of 18 days i.e. from 1st Jan 2009 - 18th Jan 2009. An armchair treasure hunt is similar to a motor treasure hunt, except that now you hunt from your armchair. No need to read the tulips or worry about the hot sun, the rain or the hassles of traffic jams!

The event shall be opened to all Malaysian readers of A Hunter's Tale. Questions posed shall be cryptic and answers to the questions shall be based on a list of selected country names to be posted together with the questions on 1st Jan 2009.

Rules of Event
Only one country's name will fit as an answer to each question, although you may find repeated answer(s) for different question(s). A total of 18 questions will be posted in this blog intermittently from Day 1 (1st Jan 2009) to Day 7 (7th Jan 2009). You can start to solve and submit the answers to questions the moment they are posted and the scoring will be based on the following time schedule of submission of answers:

Posting of Questions
Day 1 - 7 (1st Jan – 7th Jan) - 18 Qs will be posted

Submission of Answers on or before 12 midnight of days as follows:
Day 8 (8th Jan) - Each correct answer scores 10 pts
Day 9 (9th Jan) - Each correct answer scores 8 pts
Day 10 (10th Jan) - Each correct answer scores 6 pts
Day 11 (11th Jan) - Each correct answer scores 4 pts
Day 12 (12th Jan) - Each correct answer scores 2 pts
Day 13 -18 (13th – 18th Jan) - Each correct answer scores 1 pt

Total maximum score: 180 points.

Answers submitted after 12 midnight of 18th Jan 2009 will not be accepted.

Each participant will be allowed to submit only one answer for each question. Multiple answers submitted for the same question will result in your disqualification. The top three winners will be determined based on the three highest total points scored. In case of a tie, then time will be used as a tie-breaker i.e. the shortest time taken to submit your last answer will win the tie.

Submission of Answers
To submit your answers, simply send an email to huntersrus.ms@gmail.com with your full name, contact number and answers. You are not required to include explanations to your answers. Name the subject of your email as HRU Challenge #2 – (your name). For easy tracking of entries from the same participant, use the same original email for all your answers submissions.

Remember, you are allowed to submit ONLY 1 answer for each question.

The main objective of this armchair hunt is to create some fun and challenge to the treasure hunting community and hopefully some educational experience to the novice hunters. However, as a small token of recognition to the top three winners of HRU Challenge #2, each will be awarded with Jaya Jusco shopping vouchers worth RM50.

Collection of prizes shall be at your own expense.

Answers and Explanations
Answers and explanations to all the questions shall be published after the official closing date.

So, remember to make a date with us on the 1st Jan 2009!

Meanwhile ... Merry X’mas & Happy New Year!


CK Loh said...


Great, look like I will start the year of 2009 diligently scanning all the 200++ countries in the world and try to figure out the cryptic part of the countries. Looking forward for it!

Just one simple question, is all the 18 Questions are joint effort crafted by different members of HRU, or the questions are all COCed by you?

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Sigh! 5 cents, seems like one good hunt we have to sit out ..... !

And 13th second, welcome to the other side of the blog (finally!).

Marsha said...

CK Loh,

Questions are jointly crafted by KK & me. And of course, my HRU mates had a trial run too. So, 2RII & ce5nt - you both can't complain you didn't have your share of the fun! Their consensus reached was that the majority of the questions were too easy, so we had to toughen them up ... so throw the tomatoes at them if you have to ... hehehe!

Come 2009, hope you people will remember to log in for some cryptic fun to start off the new year!

BlogCe5nT said...

Congrats, Marsha!
Your maiden blog! Many more moments to enjoy with this one, for sure - for you and and for the rest of the world (literally)!

Having had the honours to take the first trip around "Marsha's World" alongside 2R1I, I am certain everyone in the T-Hunting World will enjoy their share of the journey.

Take 'em on a spin, 13th Second!

Cornelius said...

Sounds great! Will be looking forward to it. But don't be too cruel on us lah... hehehe