Thursday, December 18, 2008


Remember The Plasma Man of Mix FM? Some lucky people in this country are now reliving that experience from a couple of years ago.

This week, the entire city of Kuching is buzzing with excitement, with people from all walks of life up and about from dawn on a real life treasure hunt organized by Minex Jewellery.

Everyday, between 15 - 24 December, there will be little blue jewellery boxes (similar to the one in the picture) planted somewhere in Kuching with cryptic clues posted in the organizers website leading to its hiding place. Anyone can hunt - no registration required, no participation fees, and the lucky person will get to keep the booty, jewellery worth up to RM10,000.

So, should I or should I not?

The daily clues:

15 Dec 08
Clue: At this place where friends meet. A giant litters over the cyrtostachys renda.
Deciphered: Hidden underneath a garbage bin nearby the giant statue overlooking the cyrtostachys renda tree at the Malaysia-China Friendship Park.

16 Dec 08
Clue: Take the train to where the hungry gather, where 8 marks the spot.
Deciphered: Hidden under Table No.8 at 5 Loaves Cafe on Jalan Keretapi.
17 Dec 08
Clue: Remember the day we became one. You'll find me lost in a round of cheers.
Deciphered: Hidden in the bushes at Padang Merdeka.

18 Dec 08
Clue: Out in the open yet hidden in a bunch. The path of winding water you shall follow, until a 101114221710 crosses your path.
Deciphered: Hidden in the bushes at Hilton Kuching Hotel opposite the Water Front.

19 Dec 08
Clue: Before you leave in search of treasure, let me first arrive at this place. There you'll find me staring into space.
Deciphered: Hidden somewhere in airplane takeoff / landing viewing area of the Kuching International Airport.

20 Dec 08
Clue: Under the roof of the independent warrior, I'll be lurking in the shadows.Deciphered: Hidden somewhere in the basement carpark of Tun Jugah Centre.

21 Dec 08
Clue: Climb through a window and eat an apple. Where else better to enjoy this? Find your Lucky 7 and I'll be there.
Deciphered: Hidden somewhere in Level 7 carpark of Saberkas building.

22 Dec 08
Clue: In clouds of fire, this creature awaits. Red is the key. It lights my way.
Deciphered: Hidden somewhere near the Tua Pek Kong temple.

23 Dec 08
Clue: It's soft, it's sweet and it's served with a twist. Find this place, I'm not hard to miss.
Deciphered: Hidden somewhere at Sunny Hill ice cream stall.

24 Dec 08
Clue: It's like finding a needle in a haystack. To find out more, come to Minex Jewellery, Tun Jugah Centre, at 11a.m.
Deciphered: No deciphering required. The participants were required to pick one box each from 300 jewellery boxes wherein only one box contained the Grand prize.


BlogCe5nT said...

10 Days, 10K! And 7 more chances left to try to get at least 1K.

Have all the jewelery from 15th to 18th being found yet? If not, still have 10 more chances!

Good Luck, Kuching Hunters, like the Loo brothers of Kiwanis fame!

Their teams must be prowling all over the monsoon drains, garbage bins and fields of the city by now! Reminds me of the cartoon - The Alley Cats!

BlogCe5nT said...

I think the last one is just to go to the sponsor's centre and there will be thousands of blue boxes in a giant bag or transparent container, where individuals can try their luck in picking out the correct one!