Thursday, February 12, 2009


PETALING JAYA 7 Feb 09: It may not have been Pamplona, but it did feel like the bulls had been unleashed upon us today by the master of the herd. The entire afternoon, most of us were seen driving disorientedly from sector to sector while scrambling for time. And clearly ALL of us ended the hunt badly gored, with the scars still showing.

Yes, the annual Chinese New Year hunt was back, with Alex Hoh invited to helm this year's edition - must have been Kok Seng's (organizer) polite way of asking Alex to make way having dominated the last two editions of this series.

In keeping with tradition, the 35 of us who chose to brave the inevitable thunderstorm by turning up at The One Kopitiam were paired into 9 teams through a draw of cards. Uniquely, the CNY hunt gives hunters the opportunity to pair up with people outside of their usual team, in a lighthearted camaraderie manner.

I had Razif, Mawar and Teoh for company that afternoon. Hunting together for the first time (second time with Mawar), I felt that we worked reasonably well as a team - comfortably bouncing ideas off each other throughout the hunt. Alex's questions were, as expected, rather challenging, with a few eye-testers thrown in. Noticeably, he had an uncanny way of including a harmless story-line into quite a few of his questions.

Q: This is not a financial institution but margin trading is available here.
Ans: Garmin

Q: No red card but only a caution when it comes to a broken shin.
Ans: Admo

In the end our team's final score barely passed the 50% mark and we were rather fortunate to nudge into 2nd place, the quartet of KK Chai, Florence Teng, Claire Chin and Haji Suhaimi, by a mere five points.

From L-R: Kok Seng (Organizer), VK Chong, Razif, Alex Hoh (CoC), Shahrin, CT Teoh and Mawar

From L-R: Rahmah, Sanjay and Ramesh

From L-R: CT Teoh, Dr Ben Lau, Johan, Mawar and Julie Tan

From L-R: Lily Loh, Wei Ming and KK Chai

From L-R: Florence Teng, Michael Pang, Jayaram, Chee Kwan and Say Chye

From L-R: Cornelius Koh, Teck Koon and Jamie Lim

CNY Bull Hunt Results

(Full Score 70 pts)

1st: Muhammad Razif Ahmad, Rosemawarni Abd Rahman, Teoh Cheow Teong, Chong Voon Kiat (44)
2nd: Chai Koh Khai, Claire Chin, Haji Suhaimi, Florence Teng (39)
3rd: K Pavananthan, Julie Tan, Toh Wei Meng, Lim Kong Yew (30)
4th: Christopher Foo, Jamie Lim, Venkateswaran Nagappan, Goh Teck Koon (30)
5th: Sanjay Abdullah, Adrian Wong, Lim Say Chye, Jayaram Menon (28)
6th: Johan Salul, Wong Sze Lynn, Catherine Ng, Chong Foo Seong (27)
7th: Tan Eng Siang, Cornelius Koh, Rahmah Othman, Mohd Shahrin Zainuddin (24)
8th: Ramesh Rajaratnam, Michael Pang, Loh Chee Kwan, Dr Ben Lau (24)
9th: Yeap Heng Boon, Lily Loh, Liew Kok Seng (19)

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