Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get Well Soon, BlogCe5nT !

Some of you readers out there must be wondering why this blog has suddenly gone "quiet" for the past two weeks.

Well, one of our prolific contributors, BlogCe5nT, had recently fallen seriously ill, but is now recovering slowly but surely. We all wish him well and pray for a speedy recovery. In the meantime we will wait patiently for him to resume his yet to be released M - Z of treasure hunting series.

Feel free to post your well wishes here.


2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Vincent, a number of hunters have conveyed their best wishes through me to you. All of us can't wait for you to get back on your feet.

Get well soon!

Marsha said...


Missing you in the many things we do together. And our hunting trips will not be the same without you. Get well soon, we still need you to finger the keyboards!

Take good care and remember to sit back, nap, rest, relax and relax!

= Slasher™ ® = said...

Wish you can get well soon too....take care ya..

BlogCe5nT said...

My Dearest Comrades KK, VK, MS:
Thanks for this nice "Get Well" posting! It will help me stay in touch in positive ways with you guys and also all my friends.

To all who leave kind notes here: I will sincerely appreciate your supportive thoughts and prayers. A few have also contacted me via my handphone and gmail too.

I could only reply to them with delays - but there was no delay of any kind in feeling the positive vibes from all of them!

I believe I have passed the worst phase of my recovery path for this stage. The "new" system could not take the soft diet I tried yesterday and I had a very, very bad bout of indigestion. Fortunately, I could recover in time and this morning I was back on track.

The doctor and I are working on discharging me by tomorrow. Today, we will try blended food.

My daughter, Yi Lei, writes about her visits to me every day. For those who like to know of her account, can visit her blog:

WARNING! The above link contains graphic images. Parental guidance (regardless of your vintage) advised!!!

Thanks again everyone! If my situation triggers you to review your health plans or lifestyle - I then take solace in the thought of having made a difference for you.

renroc said...


Glad to read that you may be discharged tomorrow. Hope you will have a speedy recovery and resume hunting soon.

Claire said...

Hi Vincent, good to know you are on your way to recovery... I miss you very much. Get well soon...

Anonymous said...

Dear Vincent,

I wish you get well and recovery soon. Looking forward to see you again in the race :)

I have been a fan of the blogs since of my team mate forwarded this link to me last year.

You take care and god bless pal :)



Julie said...

Vincent, wish you have a speedy recovery and get well soon :)

Liew said...

Hi Vincent,

Stay positive and live life to the fullest. We want to see you around the hunting communities for many mnay years to come ye hear!!

With warm wishes,
Kok Seng

Alex said...

Get well soon Vincent! We missed you at the Bull Hunt.

BlogCe5nT said...

Thanks to all well wishers.

I am now out of the hospital and moved in to my daughter's home.

My next stage of recovery would focus on the surgical wounds healing completely and my overall well being regained.

Doctor has advised a long term rest.

Thanks again for your prayers, kind thoughts, gifts and well wishes. My family & I appreciate them all.

P/S Feel free to ask me any questions and I will try to reply them here - or to your private email - if I feel it is better that way. The "dialogue" may be therapeutic!

Cornelius Koh said...

Vincent, you devil you!

What are you doing scaring all of us like that!?

Listen, my friend, we're all expecting to see you again in the hunting scene, so you better make sure that you get well soon, ya hear!?

By the way, tell the doctor that a few hours hunting every now and then may be good exercises - both physically and mentally!... hehehe.

BlogCe5nT said...

Hi, Corny

Yes, Sir! Thanks for your unique encouragement. Sounds like a "reverse" approach.

I have demanded that the Treasure Hunt God keep my hunting licence permanently renewed and never to revoke it! So, I will be back - and you better win all the hunts you can before I come back!

BlogCe5nT said...

Thank you for visiting me today, VK, KK, MS, Claire, TK, Lily - it was a very nice feeling to have you around me again. The laughter from all the chatter certainly helped distract me a lot from the physical discomforts.

I will replay the funny episodes you guys shared with me with the "underwear hunt" and the "bra size" hunt.

It amazed me again that COCs, in their over eagerness to try something new, continue to amuse in very strange ways!

Hope to see you guys again soon - with funny stories.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Vincent, we enjoyed today's session too. Good to see the sparkle back in your eyes, and comforting to hear the positive attitude.

Yes, we will definitely visit you again with more interesting "weekend stories" to tell.

But what we really want is for you to quickly get back on your feet, and experience these stories first-hand. In the mean time, we will miss your contributions and your presence in the HRU team.

teoh said...

Hi Vincent
I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to M-Z!
Take care.

BlogCe5nT said...

TQVM, Teoh and congrats on your recent perfect love-hunt success!