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IPOH 23 May 09: Treasure Hunts are a great way to have fun, break the monotony of work and let off a little steam. However treasure hunts can also be a health threat. Do apply some common sense when taking part in treasure hunts to avoid getting sick.

* When nature calls, answer!
Intentionally avoiding toilet stops during hunts may save one some time. However, this practice is rather unhealthy as studies have shown that holding urine can cause bladder infection. And in a bizarre incident, a woman was reported to have died from holding her urine hours after competing in a contest, Hold Your Wee for a Wii .

* Walk the walk!
Although not proven, long journeys are believed to slightly increase the risk of one developing DVT (Deep vein thrombosis). Hours of immobility sitting in cramped conditions, slows down blood flow and increases the risk of a blood clot forming in the deep leg veins. While DVT is generally not dangerous, it can be fatal if the blood clot is large enough to obstruct blood flow between the heart and the lungs (if it moves). So, consider getting out of the car every couple of hours during hunts (you can time it to coincide with a toilet break) to stretch the legs and walk, walk, walk. Walking also does wonders to one's bones and joints.

* Water is the best medicine!
One of the main risks of any outdoor activity is dehydration due to exposure to hot weather. Dehyration is a catalyst to a lot of serious illnesses. So, regularly ensure your body is well hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. And there is no better fluid than plain ol' water! This doctor, in his research, has proven that water is a miracle cure for (and also helps prevent) a lot of common illnesses.

Bio-Life, a leading company in natural healthcare and hollistic therapies, recently announced that they will be organizing several walk-a-hunts within the country as part of their commitment to create health awareness amongst Malaysians (and at the same time also promoting their products).

Some of the Bio-Life products on display

Ipoh was their first stop in a nationwide road show. Interestingly our morning started with a light 30 minute workout in Excelsior Hotel. A representative from Bio-Life led us through an exercise routine that is simple to do (and to repeat daily), yet effective - to strengthen our bones and joints.

Hunters taking part in an instuctor-led 30 minutes exercise routine

After a short briefing by the Clerk of Course, all 11 teams were let loose into the streets of Ipoh. There were 30 questions spread out over a distance of 4-5km, 2 treasures, 5 bonus questions and 2 TAB Events to complete, all within three and a half hours.

Final Briefing by Ricky Koo from Take A Break Events (TABE)

Participants shouting "Yeoh" and "Chong" to ignite the start of the walk hunt

In typical TABE fashion, their questions were not difficult, but rather, difficult to find. As an example, the answer to Q5 is hidden at the end of a lane in between two end-lot shops, while the answer to Q9 is literally found under one's feet.

Q5: A Greek first for reading materials.
Ans: Pusat Buku Alpha

Q9: Can you spot our planet?
Ans: Earth

These two questions also happened to be the ones my team failed to answer (although we did find alternatively what we considered as fitting answers) - a stark reminder that treasure hunts are not only about knowing what to find, equally important is to locate them!

Champs (L-to-R): Cheok Wye Leong, Liong Chian Min, Yeoh Ban Lye and Sin Yoong Leong with a representative from Bio-Life

Bio-Life Walk-a-Hunt Ipoh Results:
(Maximum possible score: 215 pts)

1st: Sin Yoong Leong, Cheok Wye Leong, Yeoh Ban Lye, Liong Chian Min (210)
2nd: Claire Chin, Julie Tan, Goh Teck Koon, Chong Voon Kiat (195)
3rd: Lau Sai Yew, Goh Chee How, Julian Lim, Chong Lai Kuan (195)

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