Sunday, June 14, 2009


No Signboard Seafood
No.414, Geylang, 389392 Singapore.
Tel: +65-6842-3415

Wanna have pouty lips (like the sexy senora on the left) without needing to go under the knife?

Simply drop by the No Signboard Seafood Restaurant when in Singapoore, and order their signature White Pepper Crabs. (The hunting for food gang was here, feasting for the third weekend in a row)

Swollen lips guaranteed for that "10 minutes of fame". Big and juicy Sri Lanka crabs are stir fried in a trade-secret white pepper concoction (with scallions), that gives the dish quite some kick. Spiciest crab dish that I have ever laid my fingers on but very good, nonetheless. However, it is best to leave this dish to the last as its overwhelming flavour can make the other dishes bland by comparison.

Chilli Crabs is another crab dish that is equally popular with the patrons of this eatery.
This concoction is less spicy but no less fantastic. Quite mandatory to order a plate of deep fried mantou (buns) to swipe every single drop of sauce off the plate.

My personal favourite here is the Bull Frog stir fried with ginger and scallions dish. Loved to bits the chunky and springy pieces of freshly cooked frog meat.

With over 100 dishes to select
from on an imposingly large
two-sided menu, I definitely don't need an excuse to return for a second, and subsequent visits. Just have to remember to stay away during the peak hours to avoid the crowds.

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