Sunday, January 3, 2010


SUBANG JAYA, 2 Jan 10: Good Company, Good Food plus Good Wine are all key ingredients to ensure A Good Time. Throw in A Good Hunt and the occassion naturally turns into A Perfect Time.

Yes, the much anticipated event amongst hunters cum foodies, Hunting For Food is back. The Hunting For Food series guarantees all participants a prize -  the intangible prize of A Perfect Time.

The 13 of us that made time for the 2nd Edition cum New Decade celebration had such a blast! We were drinking and dining and bantering and laughing so much (and so loud) during the hearty 4.5-course lunch that the "miserable time" we endured during the walk hunt became a distant memory. I must say, we were close to tearing the house down and my apologies goes out to Claudio (chef de cuisine cum proprietor of Allegro Cafe in SS15/4) for our misbehaviour.

One of the ingredients for A Perfect Time: This bottle I shared is from Margaret River, a premium grape growing region in Australia (and my personal favourite)

The 2nd edition of this event was graciously helmed by the duo of Claire and Scrooge (oops) Teck Koon. Can't be sure if it was the doing of the Ghost of the Hunting Past, but he was definitely less of a miser this time around, giving all 5 teams a good 2 hours to attempt 16 Questions and 1 Treasure, including not hiding away half the Question sheets. It was also clear to all that both these CoCs are proponents of "more points for more effort", offering 7 points for every correct toughie (vs 5 points for the regular questions).

As the scores will tell, all teams struggled on the day. Though, I have a niggling suspicion that the brutal sectors in SS15 had played a significant role. Make no mistake, the questions were good, very good.  But had the sectors been less demanding, I do suspect that the scores could have ended up being a tad more respectable.

There were a couple of interesting questions. One required a physical rotation of the sign. The other (my personal favourite from the lot), a very smooth craft with a sporting theme that blew my team well off-course (excusing the slur of course)!

Q12: The leader makes a right angle turn with a denial making it a farce.
Ans: Zensse.

Q15: All Blacks lost three points somewhat quickly?
Ans: Allegro Cafe.

It was also interesting to note that the following question was not answered, a General Knowledge about a specific Celebrity of sorts (hee hee).

Q4: Can you see the King of Fleas right inside here?
Ans: Found in the below picture.

Come join us for the 3rd Edition wherein three amongst us (from the pioneering group) are looking forward to making it a hattrick of Free Meals :)

Hunting for Food #2
(Maximum Possible Score: 100 points)

1st: Sin Yoong Leong, Chong Voon Kiat (51)
2nd: Chai Koh Khai, Jayaram Menon, Woo Ee Wen (44)
3rd: Margaret Sha, Kumaran Nagapa (41)
4th: Alexander Hoh, Loh Chee Kwan (37)
5th: Teoh Cheow Teong, Venkateswaran Nagappan (23)


Anonymous said...

VK, Glad I made it for the Food Hunt - pioneered by HRU and clerked again by Goh TK - with help from Claire Chin this time around.
The commendable concept of pairing a veteran with a fresher was slightly upset with the last minute withdrawal of a latter.

13 of the 16 questions demanded a second look and they were crafted well.
I will never forget the lunch as it was running parallel with a very enjoyable session of riddle cracking.

A notable side-dish was a "place your bets" offer which Ee Wen handled well.No more bets after soup is served and before the 1st batch of answers was explained!

We got to speculating about a possible future hunt "The Bettors Hunt" where the main prize is for anyone calling the contest accurately for top 5 positions!

I'm all for the Food Hunt next year and VK has a chance to score an awesome hat-trick!
Rgds, Jay.

Claire said...

Hi Jay, thanks for joining the 2nd edition of our Lunch Hunts. Indeed we had a memorable time! See you in the next edition! :-)

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Hi Jay, We enjoyed your company too. Your Mensa questions made excellent table conversation - practically keeping everyone spellbound until the explanation of the answers were shared.

We will keep you posted on the dates for the 3rd Edition of this event.

Thanks for stopping by.

renroc said...

Thanks Jay, for your participation & for the extended Eye-Q hunt where 12 hunters (equivalent to 3 hunt teams collaborating) couldn't figure out the rationale even after being given the answer !-)

Cornelius said...

Did not know about this latest post until Claire brought it to my attention just now. Seems like you people had such a good time!

Jay, this must have been your kind of clue, my friend! Must have been nice for the CoCs to give back some of your medicines once in a while... haha!

Regarding Q4, wah lao eh! like that also can ah? And of all the hunters there that day, I'm quite amazed that Alex didn't get the answer for Q4. Oh! I'm a bit hurt, Alex! How could you forget such an important celebrity?

Alex said...

Google "King of Fleas" and you'll know why ;-)

Thank you Claire & Teck Koon for inviting me to this event. For those of you who weren't able to take part, don't miss the 3rd edition!

teohct said...

Great hunt Teck Koon.Look forward to the next one. Have to try harder next time. Anyway quite happy with 5th placing, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Tks for the promise of holding a 3rd food hunt.

By the way, I forgot to ask HRU about the 2nd Hunters Challenge.
I'm hoping you guys will hold it sometime this year.

Teck Koon, I enjoyed the process of unravelling Q12 of eye-q hunt mainly because of an interested audience (which all of the attendees were).

The teacher in me is always happy to see enthusiastic students who are undaunted by some of the severe questions I set.

Cornelius, I enjoyed the clues. I'm happy to get as good as I give !

Food hunts should be spicy and pedas - not porridgy gruel. And this was indeed a course to remember .

Rgds, Jay.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Hunters Challenge #2 is being suggested for end of Q1 or beginning of Q2. Again we will publish the details as soon as this has been finalized.

We hope the turbulence of last year's challenge will not scare too many people away. But you have my word we will make adjustments for improvements based on last year's learnings.

Anonymous said...

Tks for going ahead with the Hunters Challenge.
Rgds. Jay.

Cornelius said...

I will try my best to be there for the Hunters Challenge #2! But may I suggest equal amount of hunting time for all teams.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

It was and still is our belief that this (two time categories) will make it less stressful for the less experienced without compromising the more experienced.

Look at last year's results and you will realise that this logistic had no effect on the top teams.

However, we are considering to increase the hunting time for both categories should we decide to maintain the same level of difficulty as last year.

renroc said...

Regardless of whether one considers it significant or inconsequential, the different time allocation is still a form of handicap.
While some may welcome their increased chances of winning prizes,
others may feel slighted or embarrassed with the time handicap.
How about a poll on the blog ?

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Hello Renroc, I can appreciate your angle but you have to realise that this is a very big window all of us are standing in front of!

Have you ever wondered why many novice teams know that they are not competitive material, yet, they turn up in numbers to support treasure hunts?

The answer is easy - they are out to have a GOOD TIME!

Majority of hunters are not quite at the level of the Masters, who incredibly are able to complete hunts these days in less than 4 hours and still finish with close to full scores.

After my maiden Mensa hunt not too long ago, I remember writing a feedback letter to Lawrence to convey this point across to him. I felt that his hunt was not favourable to novices - the required rate of answering 9 Questions per hour was too demanding on novice teams, not forgetting the higher level of difficulty. Yet I remember the Machines finishing with a perfect score!

Many do not realise it but many of these novices would welcome more time to be able to decipher the riddles and locate the answers, for that bit of personal satisfaction. And it is these hunters that I am attempting to reach out to. I want them to merely enjoy their time out!

I know, because I was once in their shoes not too long ago.

Cornelius said...

It's your hunt, so I guess you call the shots. Whether I like it or not, that is not really significant. The only thing is that if I dislike it so much, then I will stay away from the hunt. I doubt that "tough Qs vs little hunting time" is a significant factor that would make me opt out, but if possible at all, I'd love to have the opportunity to work on all the clues.

However, this is merely a suggestion. Still up to you to consider it.

I must say that you have a point about novice hunters seeking a good time. But having set a number of hunts, I've come to realise a bit of stuff about hunters.

I can still remember my first major assignment in the Sutera Hunt where the majority of teams failed the hunt. Yet your team got almost perfect score! A few teams at the top gave favourable feedback, saying that the hunt was very good. Yet the majority did not really enjoy it. Bear in mind that I gave 6 hours for that hunt. Thinking back now, I think they would still have not enjoyed the hunt if I had given them 7 or even 8 hours for the hunt!

These days, I still set tough Qs in my hunts, but I'm more inclined to set a bigger proportion which are achievable by the new hunters. And it showed in my latest hunt results where the majority of team passed the hunt. Later on, I asked the top teams for feedback and I was told that the hunt was still challenging enough for them.

May I suggest that no matter how you want to allocate the time to allow for the varying hunting strengths, it's OK to allow at least some of the new teams pass the hunt. Otherwise, I don't believe that they will have "a good time", no matter how much more time you give them.

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