Saturday, May 22, 2010


Simply awful!

The CoC was downright careless with this craft, no question. Looking at it from all angles, I am unable to derive a better explanation. His complacency was painful - some lost precious time, others lost 2 points, we lost ..... the title!

Q31: No way it cannot be associated with buying and selling.
Ans: Restoran Nasi Dagang.

To decipher this question (as intended), one would first need to insert punctuations. Then it would become clear that he did not want signages associated to road names.

No way, it cannot be. / Associated with buying and selling.

 It is clear that he had spent some extra effort here by enlisting Red Herrings, yet it boggles me how it completely slipped his mind that signages with Trading (in it) are commonplace. Looking around the sector, more than half a dozen other signages would make a perfect fit too (sigh!).

Sunling Trading
Stanley Trading
Titan Star Trading
DBA Trading
Thin Wing Trading
Restoran Nasi Dagang
Sri Sentosa Trading
Jalan Pasar
Jalan Bazar

The misdemeanour with the next craft has been debated countless times in several blog posts, and needs no further introduction.

Q8: Stop! Can you recollect the park where you started?
Ans: Gerai MPT Simpang Mempatih.

Stop = Stall and Stall = Gerai, BUT Stop ≠ Gerai.

Perhaps the CoC could have explained that at a junction, one must come to a halt before progressing, and the hunters might have been more accepting.

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