Monday, January 10, 2011


PETALING JAYA, 8 Jan 2011: So how did you spend your New Year? Now that we are into the second week of 2011, the fireworks would have already fizzled out and the parties and hangovers long gone.

I spent the New Year break catching up with family members. Also did a bit of hunting, for gems of a different kind - for good food and new places to eat in the Valley. The other thing I had wanted to do was to send out invitations for the 3rd edition of the Hunting for Food series. The route had been marked the previous weekend, the dinner venue short-listed, the wine bottle ready and the bulk of riddles crafted. However, my plan to usher in the New Year with a bunch of food-loving hunters got derailed because of this:

Was hanging out in the mall on New Year's eve when I strolled past a Maxis Outlet. There was no crowd, just a handful of people paying their bills. Because of an overwhelming demand for the iPhone 4 in the Klang Valley, I hadn't expected this outlet to carry any stock. With no intention of replacing my HTC, I decided to ask anyway. You guessed it, they had it in stock. My curiosity (of its fame) got the better of me! So I ended up spending the bulk of the break playing with this gadget and in the process picked up new vocabulary like iTunes and FaceTime.

So in the end, the 2011 hunting season opened with the Digital Mall Shop & Hunt, a walk hunt within the four floors and around the Digital Mall premise. Not many teams had signed up, likely because they were put off by the poor prize list put together by the organizers which included spa vouchers and outdated speakers. Teams of two were given two hours (revised to two and a half hours after some pleading) to attempt 30 cryptic riddles, 6 picture clues and 2 treasures. It was one tough hunt put together by the duo of Garyguna and Chong Foo Seong.

A few things regarding the overall organization of this hunt surprised me somewhat. Firstly I am flabbergasted on the reason the CoCs decided to take the 'fun element' away from treasure hunting, by crafting the riddles "five to six times tougher" than a regular hunt, by their own admission. This is a public hunt mind you, not a closed hunt for fraternity members, and with no major prize at stake. The overall design of this hunt was also rather ludicrous if you ask me. I felt it was impractical for the CoCs to give a mere two hours and expect a two-person team to accomplish all tasks given, what more with the tasks being of a higher level of difficulty - even the picture clues were brutal and the uncommon brands seeked for the treasures raised the notch a level further. As expected in the end the scores were low and one team even scored nothing off the 30 questions.

Digital Mall Shop & Hunt
Maximum Score: 100

1st: Peh Kok Hun & Lim Say Chye (68)
2nd: Claire Chin & Loh Chee Kwan (59)
3rd: Alexander Hoh & Andre Teh (55)
4th: Lee Ling Fei & Chong Voon Kiat (49)
5th: Lim Ming Yang & Loo Wern Ching (46)
6th: Venkateswaran Nagappan & Theresal Pereira (45)

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