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PUTRAJAYA, 14 Jan 2011: The Putrajaya Treasure Hunt, one of four designated Grand Slam events in the Treasure Hunt calendar returned after a 3 year hiatus, but with a different clerk of course. This year's event was a joint effort between Kheirul Nazib and Johan Salul.

I was glad that the duo decided to retain the TAB Event challenges for this year's edition, a signature of the previous CoC, which has become synonymous with the Putrajaya Treasure Hunt. The challenges makes it unique amongst its peers, just like how the British Open links golf course stands out with its uneven fairway, deep bunkers and lack of trees as compared to the American Slams. Somehow or rather the inclusion of the TAB Events challenges makes this event the most open and competitive amongst the four slams. And unlike the other slams where realistically because of their higher level of difficulty, the winner has always been decided amongst the Master teams, any team in the Putrajaya Treasure Hunt field with decent cryptic skills can upset the form book.

This year's event included 6 TAB Events, 30 walk hunt riddles around Putrajaya and 5 treasures, all to be completed within 6 hours. The challenges were decent and none involved any element of luck or chance, though one of the challenges required a very strong stomach. Fear was not a factor for our team and for many others (though maybe the 5 points had played a role). But did our team mate enjoy the grub? I guess the below picture would tell a thousand words.

Most of the riddles were well crafted and there were even a few bright sparks. Because of the smooth surface reading, we were literally walking in circles before we eventually found the answers to these ones, which goes to prove that you don't really need bombastic words or obscure signages to outwit the hunters.

Q3: Kalau digoreng, sisa pun boleh makan.
Ans: Nasi Sup.

Q5: Malaysian bank works hand-in-hand with this for wealth.
Ans: Aur Resources.

Q23: Pasukan polis khas Switzerland secara ringkas.
Ans: Swatch.

Talking about obscure signages, I felt that the CoCs selected just too many of these type of signs. Answers today could be found on baby strollers, alarms, glass doors and inside supermarkets. Coupled with a large area to cover and answers that were in no specific sequence, the hunt ended up being overly challenging to most.

Congratulations to the new Hall of Famers.

Getting to know Putrajaya challenge @ Taman Pancarona

Fear Factor challenge @ Taman Cabaran

Millenium History challenge @ Monumen Alaf Baru

Picture challenge @ Seri Empangan Bridge

Walk Hunt challenge @ Moroccan Pavilion, Taman Botani

Kicking challenge @ Taman Equestrian

Putrajaya Treasure Hunt
Maximum Score: 145

The Champs - Mohamad Shariff, Anis Shahrein, Fuad Dahlan, Sharil Nizam

We finished an unexpected 5th. Would have been satisfied with 15th.

1st: Mohamad Shariff, Anis Shahrein, Fuad Dahlan, Sharil Nizam (115)
2nd: Salehuddin Yusof, Fazliana Ibrahim, Azeman Saarin, Wan Tajuddin (113)
3rd: Nurzatul Hayanie, Mohd Redzuan, Masnudiah Abdullah, Shamsul Zahuri (113)
4th: Hisham Rusli, Rhyrita Sukiman, Norashikin Abdul Aziz, Serina Ismail (111)
5th: Chai Koh Khai, Sin Yoong Leong, Margaret Sha, Chong Voon Kiat (111)
6th: Lim Kim Meng, Teh Boon Kai, Sam Rahman and team (111)
7th: Peh Kok Hun, Loh Chee Kwan, Tommy Ng, Lim Say Chye (108)
8th: Mohd Shahrin, Teh Thean Yew, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Rosemawarni Abdul Rahman (108)
9th: Alexander Hoh, Claire Chin, Julie Tan, Goh Teck Koon (106)
10th: Sim Jun Yi, Hazem Eslah, Wan Safarina, Noor Azuween (106)


Anonymous said...

Would like to seek some opinions on a few of the Hunt Questions, and as to whether or not they can be accepted actually! I'm sure this would have been the answer of quite a few teams on that day.

Ans - Pusat Tuisyen Excel Lens
Explanation from COC - Top Class = Excellence, To my ears = Sounds like

Alternative answer in sector:
Prima Anthem Sdn Bhd (At Save More)

Must the question be "music to my ears" or will "to my ears" be enough to accept this 2nd answer?

Prima (malay) = First Rate/Top Class
Anthem = To my ears


Answer = Bakeri @ Kedai Kek Wonderful
Tersilap = Anagram, Bakeri = A Biker

Alternative answer in sector:
Ms.Biker Sdn Bhd
COC explained that this is a red herring as Ms. does not = Miss unless you have a "sounds like" indicator in the Q. But doesn't Ms. = Miss automatically even without a sounds like indicator, as per unmarried woman = Miss or Ms.

Treasure Q5 - Bawakan sesuatu yang kecil mengenai dia yang hijau dan halal dimakan

Answer: Peria
Explanation - Mengenai = Perkara, Kecil of Perkara = Per
Dia = Ia
Hijau leads to peria, but no explanation on why "Halal dimakan" (any non-halal peria somewhere?)

Alternative answer - Green Peas (with halal logo on the packet)
Kecil = Small/Pea
(Quick check into - Pea = small or small and round (usually used in combination). )
Dia yang hijau = Green Peas
And there is a few brands which are halal and some which are not!

Just some Questions that have bothered me till today, would like to see if my alternative answers are justified, do let me know if i am wrong as well. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, please take note that the link to Kheirul Nazib is The link you posted is the old website

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

Let me say that during the hunt we (my team) went for some of the same answers out of desperation. But here are my thoughts:

Q7: "To my ears" is used to indicate a Sounds like key, and is not so fitting for "Anthem" which means "song", though I do like "Prima" or "Prime" for "Top Class".

Q9: The purists would argue that:
misfire = miss and unmarried lady = miss; but misfire /= unmarried lady.

And I tend to agree with them. Though sharing the same source word, both are branching off towards different meanings.

T5: I must say that I would agree with you here. I have been to hunts where "Green Peas" would have been accepted for a similar sounding question.

However if you scrutinize the riddle a bit deeper, it may raise the following queries:

Why "mengenai"? Why "dia"? The CoC could have just said " ... kecil DAN hijau".

So when do we scrutinize and when won't we need to scrutinize, you may ask. Well, sometimes you can tell how loose or tight he/she is from his other riddles; then cross your fingers and hope for some consistency!

Chera miche said...

hi, we were racing together during the last KFC Amazing race. congrats of winning it. will u be joining this year's event? i mean the putrajaya hunt? just asking. looking for a team actually. im local.