Monday, November 7, 2011


All great things start with a dream. Jayaram Menon's dream was to convert the game of Treasure Hunting from a mere hobby amongst a group of enthusiasts into the national pastime of Malaysia. Treasure Hunting is so uniquely Malaysian that it beckons to be officially recognized in the record books as being born and bred in our country. Many of us shared a similar dream but without a unified platform to combine our ideas into one big melting pot, it remained just that, a dream until ..........

.......... a casual discussion amongst a handful of enthusiasts and friends brought life to that dream. On that occassion he learnt that there exist others who shared his dream and were willing to put their energy into making it happen. That nostalgic discussion on 2 Jan 2011 then sparked further kopitiam meetings. And within a couple of weeks, word spread like wildfire amongst the Treasure Hunting community that the formation of a National Treasure Hunting Society was on the horizon.

So on 16 Jan 2011, more than two dozen enthusiasts and invited guests gathered to elect a pro-tem committee to spearhead the formation of the Treasure Hunt Society of Malaysia (THS).

Pro-tem committee Roll call:

Jayaram Menon

Chong Voon Kiat

Shirley Hoe

Loh Chee Kwan

Rajj Melambaran

Wan Kamal Azlan
Kheirul Nazib
Michael Pang
Goh Teck Koon
Chai Koh Khai
Liong Chian Min

The pro-tem committee worked very hard to get THS officially recognized. The committee members met on a couple of occassions. Official documents were proof-read and re-read more than a dozen times. An official website was created. A Facebook page was added. And it took a handful of visits to the Registrar of Societies, before THS was finally registered on 23 Sep 2011.

The last ten months was the easy part. Now for the difficult part - the membership drive.

THS would like to welcome anyone and everyone from all walks of life nationwide to join us on this exciting journey to make this a truly national society. You can read all about the benefits of joining THS from the FAQ page of the THS website ( The application form can be downloaded from the Documents page of the same website.

The first big event for THS will be the coming inaugural AGM on 20 Nov 2011.

Should anyone of you feel you have the drive to bring this society to another level, the pro-tem committee is more than happy to accept your nomination.

We hope to see many of you there! The time and place shall be announced soon.

Update 14 Nov 2011:

Inaugural Treasure Hunt Society of Malaysia AGM
Date: Sunday, 20 Nov 2011.
Venue: Hailam Kopitiam Lucky Garden, 1st Floor, 25 & 25A Lorong Ara Kiri1 Lucky Garden Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur (Behind Pizza Hut Lucky Garden, same row with TMC Bangsar, opposite to Bangsar Village old wing).
Registration Time: from 10.45 am.
Meeting Time: 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.

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hagisuhaimi said...

Great work Jay, I wanted to form a TH Society in early 1990s. A pro-tem committee was formed then n a Hunt was held for the occassion But that was as far as it got. Now my dream of a TH Society has been realised. Congrats Jay n d Pro-Tem Committee members

Anonymous said...

on behalf of committee, tks for your public support.We can learn a lot from the past and we need to work steadily to build the foundation of THS. Hope to see you at the AGM.

Regards, Jay.