Monday, September 8, 2014


In 2008, this blog started off as a food blog to share among friends our delightful new discoveries, before we expanded the blog to include a journal of our adventures which was another of our little passions. 

However, because of work commitments and other significant reasons, we had to make a painful decision back in 2012 to stop our sharing much to the dismay of the loyal followers of our blog. I am certainly glad based off some of your verbal feedback that our documented past journeys have benefited some of you in one way or another, whether it was in our pursuit for food or in our search for treasures. 

And I am even gladder now to announce in the words of the Terminator, "Hasta la Vista! We're back, you all!". And the first posting after our resurrection is of course, to continue where we had left off, to once again share our passion for food.

So, during the weekend I was shopping around in Mid-Valley for some local gifts for some dear friends from Sabah, when I chanced upon a mid-Autumn Festival moon cake promotion organized by a group of hoteliers. And what immediately caught my attention was this creative effort by Concorde Hotel KL - a moon cake packaging which doubles up as a home lantern complete with light bulb and switch. I ended up purchasing 8 different varieties of moon cakes to get my hands on 2 such lanterns which comes in 2 designs and 5 eye-catching colours of red, pink, green, blue and orange.

At the same time, I decided to splurge on the highly acclaimed Heavenly Gold Snow Skin Premium Musang King moon cake by Chynna KL Hilton Hotel which costs a whopping RM38 per piece but which I was told is worth every penny!

Happy mid-Autumn festival folks! Here's wishing all of you a bountiful harvest for the rest of the year be it from your career, family planning or even from the pursuit of your individual passions!

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