Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Hunt For The 1 Thing That Matters Most To Us!

Why do we Treasure Hunt? Many have asked.

If we were to summarize it all into one word, the hunt for the 1 thing that matters to us is “Life”.
How does treasure hunting equate or relate to life? Many of the previous blog entries would have given you some hints – friendships, food, fantastic questions. Here is a simple summary to aspiring treasure hunters on why it means so much to us.

1. Enemies in the competition, friends for life! Hunters are highly competitive during hunts, but great friendships are forged off the battlefield

2. Tough questions and challenges faced and overcome help you grow in life! Hunters crave questions they can’t solve, and will work tirelessly to solve it

3. Hunts allow us to travel while hunting for food. Live to Eat? Need we say more?

We hope pictures speak a thousand words, and believe it is fair to say that treasure hunting has definitely shaped our lives in this world. To finish this entry off, we would like to leave you with a simple saying to encourage you on your own unique treasure hunting journey. Till we see you at the next hunt! (Support the Allianz Amazing Hunt 2014 at

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