Friday, January 9, 2009


is proud to bring to you, the inaugural edition of

"The Hunters Challenge - 2009".

Mark your calendar for Sunday, 1st March, 2009. For a fun time, day time event on the Streets of the Klang Valley.


Prizes include cash for the Top Three Finishers : RM2,000, RM1,200 & RM800 respectively. The Champion will receive a majestic "Challenge Trophy" , donated by HRU, with all team members' names inscribed on it too!

Entry Fee is only RM300 per team! Goodies and a light meal included!

Fax or email your submission to us by 22nd February, 2009.

EARLY BIRDS: Register by 31st January 2009 and get RM20 rebate (returned to you on Hunt Day).

Download the Entry Form for further details about the Hunt.


1. Telephone:

VK Chong, Tel: 012-3112177
KK Chai, Tel: 019-2223997

2. Through this blog.

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BlogCe5nT said...

We like to estimate the size of the hunting pack that we have to prepare for as many things depend on it.

Appreciate if each "team" could indicate your intentions:

1. We'll be there
2. Considering/Not sure
3. Sorry, won't be there.

We understand that your decision can change. It is only an estimate for planning purposes.

Hope to hear from you soon. You can send your response by SMS, email or call us.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Cornelius said...

Provided that the Treasure Hunt God is absolutely against me joining this hunt, I'll surely be there! I don't know which team I will tumpang at this stage, but I suppose failing all esle, I'll just advertise myself to tumpang any team... unless of course the Hunt God is against that too!

BlogCe5nT said...

I used to know an interpreter for one of the many sub-sub-committees of the Treasure Hunt God, and I remember a good piece of advice shared by this interpreter that sounded something like "If two or more ask to join a Treasure Hunt - Then It Shall Be Granted! All Agree?"

BlogCe5nT said...

You must be busy preparing for CNY celebrations - just don't miss out in catching the "early bird" for the Hunters Challenge - it comes with a RM20 rebate!

Early Bird Offer ends 31st Jan 2009!

Anonymous said...

Hagi Suhaimi said the Vettai Sakhti Team of Hagi, CK Loh, Tommy Ng and Lucky Lim Say Chye will be there, God willing.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

All are welcome. The more the merrier. Please help to inform your friends too.

2 Romans 1 Impostor said...

I recently came to understand that there are a few of you out there who would like to take part in the Hunters Challenge, but do not have full teams for one reason or another.

I can help to play match-maker if you do not mind to be paired with others. Just send me your details (

Anonymous said...

I have 3 concerns:
1) This hunt sounds as if it is filled with the professionals, telling us (beginners) that it is not the right hunt for us??? Anyone please tell me otherwise.

2) I only managed 3 beginners. Any one more pros out there to fill my team?

3) It does not even have a briefing session prior to day of challenge. How are beginners like us going to take part?

BlogCe5nT said...


Thank you for your questions.

1. This hunt is meant for ALL hunters. Everyone is welcomed to take part. The Hunt is deliberately formatted to entertain, educate and to challenge all levels of participants. In fact, a large portion of the questions are designed for beginners or those with little experience.

2. We will see if anyone is available to join you. But 3 is a plausible number to run in Treasure Hunts.

3. We will have a briefing session. We thought we would save a day's time for everyone if we do it on the same day as the hunt - beginners (and anyone else) will be given a tuition-like brief on tulip reading, etc. Regulars will only need 10 minutes of our briefing time - the rest are devoted to new comers or the not so regulars (in case they have forgotten some of the rules).

Do not be discouraged by what you have gathered. It so happens that those who follow this blog are mostly regulars.

Remember our HRU Vision, Mission and Objectives - we are out to encourage and promote participation - to people like yourself, Fave - until this becomes a Home Sport of Malaysia!

Hope to see you entry soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement.
Will send in my entry form today.

Can i submit 3 names and allow us to submit the 4th if you found anyone for us?

See you soon!

BlogCe5nT said...

Thank you for your entry, Fave.

Yes, certainly, you can make any changes to your team - we are very flexible. As long as all parties taking part on March 1 have signed the required indemnity (part of the form), before Flag-Off - it is perfectly all right with us.

Jimmy Lee said...

Hi Faye,
No worries being a beginner. I am one myself and I am still looking forward to join without a team. VK from HRU is helping me with the match making for a team.

Its all about having and fun and learning at the same time beginners like us. I think all the masters there are more than willing to help us find a team when we not having enough team member. Cheers and have fun on that day. :)

Anonymous said...

Finally managed to get our 4th newbie. Have faxed over our entry form.
Can only make payments tomorrow when the bank is open.

Pls confirm if you have received my form

Looking forward to the challenge!!!

BlogCe5nT said...

Hi, Fave.

Congrats in forming your team! If you have faxed the form, my team-mates will confirm tomorrow. They are in Sabah today.

Jimmy Lee said...

Yea...congrats to them too for winning the KK Hunt. Saw the post at Corny's blog. hehehe.....