Thursday, January 1, 2009

HRU Challenge #2 - Around The World in 18 days (Questions)


Ready for the voyage around our world in 18 days? Before that, do remember to read the Details and Rules again before you hop on board the HRU ship for this cryptic adventure.

Answers to the questions are based on country names listed above and only one country will fit as an answer to each question. Click on the image for a bigger view. You are required to think in English as well as Bahasa Malaysia to solve the questions. Answers are in no particular order. Remember to think cryptic!

Please remember NOT to post your answers in the "open seas". It may just get washed away by tidal waves! Send your answers to with your full name and contact number and name the subject of your email as "HRU Challenge # 2 - (your name).

Enjoy the smooth sail through the calm seas while you can, but brace yourselves for some turbulence and unpredictable twisters ahead. Watch out for those "sharks" too!

All aboard ... Bon Voyage and Good Luck!


Q1. Its old name is represented by its present name.

Q2. Wine and song from the East?

Q3. Half of mountain range spreads across this country.

Q4. Country has needs declared in another country.

Q5. Future plans include retiring here.

Q6. First in will start preparations ahead.

Q7. Corrupted reign in Africa's leading nation?

Q8. Odd remnants here uncover Taj Mahal's site.

Q9. Internal takeover by Royal Dutch Airlines here to restore some order, progressively?

Q10. Destination? Delivered to this country, perhaps.


Q12. Ambiguous question too confusing?

Q13. Expedition to discover oil is of primary importance here.

Q14. Trim back a yard within.

Q15. Located at two borders of our world 270 degrees?

Q16. Friend took flight in the Middle East.

Notice: Only two more questions to go from here. Since time taken to submit the last answer(s) is used as a tie-breaker, I will therefore post the last two questions at 5 p.m. sharp today. The clock will start ticking from then to determine the tie, if any!

Q17. The Spirit come to rest in the evenings?

Q18. Brief papers bear the official PIN number.

That's all the 18 questions. Remember to submit your answers before 12 midnight of Thursday 8th Jan 2009 to score the maximum of 10 pts each.


BlogCe5nT said...

Dear "i",

Thank you for your participation. Obviously, you loved this challenge so much, you forgot to read the Rules! Or did the excitement from ushering in the New Year get into your way first?

Please EMAIL your answers to a specific email "harbour" as stated in the rules and not post it in the "open seas" here.

Happy New Year, "i".

BTW, if we are not able to identify you, how will we be able to pass you any prizes at the end of the 18 days journey? So do let Marsha know who you are soon.

Cornelius Koh said...

Wow! I should have stayed up until 1:39am. Then I would've been able to read the answers posted by "i".

That way, I didn't have to crack my head to get the answers!... hehehe

Marsha said...

Hi there travellers!

Hope you all are having a pleasant journey thus far and not already feeling nauseated. Wonderful world isn’t it? Didn’t I warn you beforehand that you’ll be fascinated with the colourful countries and you will want to visit them over and over again? Hehehe!

Anyway, I would like to mention that we do have quite a big bunch of confident travellers who have started submitting their answers. Many others, I suspect, are still holding on to their answers until the very last minute, just to play safe in case they overlook a better answer(?). It’s OK I guess, since there’s no rush at the moment, but do remember to submit them latest by the end of Thursday 8th January 2009, to earn you the maximum score of 10 points. Be mindful that your answers need not be submitted in sequence, just sent them in as soon as you have solved them.

We are a little more than half-way round the world and you may find the journey getting a bit choppier from now on. So hang in there!

Cornelius Koh said...

Hi Marsha,

Not exactly holding on to the answers; rather can't solve them!... HAHAHA!

You are right about the choppier situation. Am getting serious motion sickness already, dunno if can withstand till the end! Not too sure about "hanging in there"... hanging by the neck is more like it!

Marsha said...

Don't worry, Corn. Maybe you would like to know that many travellers are also in the same boat as you! Hehehe...

Some seems to be "stranded" even from Day 1. Difficult to say, maybe they have taken the chopper instead to give me a surprise at the finishing line!

kkchai said...

Ckoh and all out there,
Like in any sports, the most important thing is not to win but to participate. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. I salute you for having the courage to step on board and be a part of this amazing journey. In my book,you are already a winner !

= Slasher™ ® = said...

LoL...Once I came back from my new year countdown at Genting on 2/1, I straight come to this site and have a look at the question posted.

And then I already stuck there. :(
Only manage to get some hit on a few question. It will be another interesting learning experience for me now. Heheheheheh.......All the best to other travelers...:)

Anonymous said...

Wonder whether I'm not smart enough or the questions are too smart for me. Guess its the same both ways hahaha

Cornelius Koh said...

Gee thanks, KK!

You should consider starting a career as a motivational speaker, my friend!

Listen, since I am already a winner in your book, can you just search if you can find any RM50 voucher in there for the winner, hmmm?... hehehe

kkchai said...


Those are not my words,I merely borrowed them from somebody. If and when I decide to quit my job to be a motivational speaker, I'll definitely seek you out to be my mentor.


Wonder no more, we're all "drab as a fool, aloof as a bard!" no matter how you look at it ...

Claire said...

My dinghy is lost at sea!

Cornelius Koh said...

Claire - you didn't!

C'mon my dear girl, my money is on you!... well, not all of it... hehehe.

Yeah, it has turned into a perfect storm out there at sea, huh? Did someone say that my questions were too tough? (smile)

Dinghy? Are you absolutely out of your mind? I thought you've been travelling in the first class suite of a 7-Star cruise ship?

I'm gradually making my way to the sideline (hopefully nobody notices), so that I can just watch you people from there!

Claire said...

The ship was had to abandon ship and jump into a dinghy! Now paddling using oars...

Marsha said...

Hahaha.... What desperate modes of transport you travellers have to get around our crazy world! Someone told me he set sail on a small sailing boat; and one even on a sampan! Now there's one who jumped ship and onto a dinghy!

So many types of obstacles seem to be out there too! One traveller got trapped and still swirling in a twister? Yet another traveller is still figuring out how to get pass the icebergs!

Sure hope all of you come back safely in sound condition!

kkchai said...

Dear Travellers,
I must say some of you are not "travelling" the right way. Like in any hunt, we do not encourage speeding ! There are some who are in such a hurry to complete that they crash their way thru the journey, anchoring in the wrong ports knowingly. Try to enjoy the journey and not simply give up frustrated. It may be stormy and gloomy, but there's also a silver lining in every dark cloud. If the destination don't fit, try another, take our Captain's heed and think cryptic. This journey is design to last 18 days so you should not be pressured by time. I know winning the 50.00 vouchers is sweet, but the real reward here is really the self-satisfaction you'll get in the end knowing you have completed and landed in most if not all the right destinations.

kkchai said...

Hi all,

We are now at the halfway point of the whole journey. Except for one, all other destinations have been visited by at least one traveller. A few have completed their journey missing out some destinations. I can safely say that at this moment, we still do not have an outright winner yet. So, for those gunning for the "sweets", hurry up, they still up for grabs. For those who just want to "syiok sendiri", take your time and just cruise on....

Marsha said...

Ahoy there!

The adventure is fast coming to its end... just four more days to go and only the one pointers are now left for the picking. Many of the travelers have arrived home, I hope with a sound mind after their gruelling experience. Quite a few are still out there in the open seas ... either stranded, abandoned ship or just taking their own sweet time cruising leisurely.

Do remember to come home by the 18th. If you are still lost and heading nowhere by then, maybe you should consider dropping your anchors randomly ... who knows you may strike the right spot!