Sunday, January 4, 2009


KUALA LUMPUR 28 Dec 08: While the NST Walker Hunt was going on, I was out of the country doing my fair share of walking, and window shopping. During this festive period, shopping sales were a common sight in Singapore, with brand names offering between 50 - 70% discounts off regular priced items. However, understandably, with an exorbitant disparity in exchange rate between the ringgit and the Singapore dollar, even heavily discounted items behind the window were no longer attractive enough to make me part with my hard earned money.

According to my comrade who joined the hunt with his nephew, the questions were exceptionally tough even by his standards. Mind-boggling indeed, since this was meant to be a family-oriented event. Judge it for yourselves folks, with questions like this one:

Q: A drip.
A: Breakfast.

Read more about the event in this article found in the Newspaper of the Nation:

Winners photo courtesy of NST

NST Walker Hunt Results
(full score: N/A)

1st: Chai Koh Khai, Andrew Yee
2nd: Julie Kok, Edwin Ong
3rd: Jeow Fong Mei, Carmen Jeow
4th: Chiang Siew Lee, Huat Chye Lim
5th: Ng Eng Seng, Ng Cheng Yen

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